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    I was sexually harassed by rwg#s and suspended for complaining

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  1. you posted this same stupid drivel the other day.
  2. why do people need clearances to ask questions in an public hearing about a public document?
  3. i’m with my husband in the ER so i’m posting when i can to kill time since he finally fell asleep. fuck you.
  4. the first one is tonight at 9 pm.
  5. “agenda” fuck you, you worthless homophobe.
  6. oh for fuck’s sake: Fozz was pointing out how ironic it was that you—a dummy who missed this obvious point—were calling me stupid. how are you so thoroughly dumb?
  7. what slurs are you talking about?
  8. why did you lie about having read it?
  9. so you are only pretending you’ve read it.
  10. you actually read the whole thing?
  11. you’ve read the whole thing?
  12. what about the 10 examples of obstruction of justice?