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  1. I've met Booker in person a couple years ago as my home senator. He isn't perfect but I'm glad I voted for him, and I respect him even more for doing this.
  2. What does this even mean?
  3. Sigh. Coming from someone who actually has Aspergers you have a point that it is a struggle to relate well with others. While to most people it's naturally aquired for us it's something that's more learned, if that makes any sense. We understand but it just takes more time. This however in no way exuses mass murder.
  4. How could you forget the Obama phones?
  5. Ok thanks for clarifying
  6. Then why are they suddenly flipping on Trump now?
  7. I think with Trump that's pretty much a given.
  8. Probably not a coincidence that it matches up nicely with 538's generic Congressional poll.
  9. Meanwhile in WA-03 the Republicans may be totally shutout of the General.
  10. Exactly, the people claiming a Republican victory here don't see the forest for the trees.
  11. This district has a rematch in 3 months anyways.
  12. But you're a Millennial and couldn't tell a successful person if you're life depended on it. /sarc
  13. I miss Bozart.
  14. The Democrats should win Wyoming too or it would be a failure.
  15. Lol Even a +5 Cruz win would be an amazing performance for any Democrat competing in Texas.