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  1. Just because you associate the word with Nazi Germany doesn't make the term any less valid. Look up the Japanese internment camps we ran back in WWII. Those were concentration camps as well and had nothing to do with Naziism.
  2. What do you get when you concentrate people in too small an area? Overcrowding. What do you call a place that concentrates people into a given area? This isn't too hard man.
  3. Ha I was just watching a youtube video last night on what the US would do if Trump dies.
  4. Ouch for Biden
  5. I hope he wins the Primary (again).
  6. I'm really liking Warren more and more.
  7. Which a conservative Supreme Court can strike down.
  8. If Biden is the Dem nominee I'm going to feel a bit gross when I end up voting for him in the general.
  9. Forky, myself and a few others have been saying that phin should be ignored for months now. It's never too late to start.
  10. It's like herpes. You can treat and even have the symptoms go away for a bit, but at some point it always returns.
  11. Have any of the news orgs caught on to this?
  12. Of course he has to...but he's broken every other norm. What would stop him from doing this?
  13. He'll probably refuse to step down next year if he loses his re-election bid. People can quote me on this.
  14. Someone's getting extra Rubles today.