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  1. Dems may yet get their 41st pickup when this fiasco is over.
  2. For All the Saints Hi fellow Episcopalian
  3. "We agreed on a deal that we haven't agreed specifically on yet"
  4. I hope that both you and Jonger gave him all your savings.
  5. Lol it looks more like the PSC Dems caved on their demands. They were asking for more rule changes before.
  6. Trump will win the GOP nomination. There's no question about that.
  7. I consider myself a progressive Democrat, but I don't understand why there are many Democrats that don't want her to be Speaker. I hear many say that we need new blood and I'm not against that. But what's so unqualifying about her that she shouldn't have the position?
  8. I was on NY-17 between Goshen and Middletown. After 6 and a half hours my husband finally came to pick me up. I had to cross the median to the other side for him to get me. I went with my co-worker since we both live in Middletown. I feel really bad to leave her but she couldn't leave her car, but she eventually made it back safe before sunrise.
  9. Its the incoming class that votes on the leadership.
  10. Hush, I've been stuck in traffic for 5 hours from work and still waiting to get out. It normally only takes 20 mins.
  11. I believe with the win there will be NO GOP represenatives from New England in the House.
  12. How many Rubles are you getting, BGL?
  13. It's even worse for the GOP when you look at the county/municipal races. There it was a bloodbath.