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  1. I see bring it. We lost any moral high ground we had previously under this president. Trump will just end up losing any veto power he would otherwise have on the council.
  2. I'd be surprised if you didn't.
  3. Nah I'm going for Peter Jacob
  4. No, it only takes a simple House majority to impeach a government official. However it does take a 2/3rds majority in the Senate to remove.
  5. ^ I'd rather cut off my own leg than have that tattooed on me.
  6. If Lamb wins tonight I'm sure there'll be another wave of Republican retirements coming up.
  7. "Jonger Facts"
  8. Sure it can, just look up Arpatheid in South Africa.
  9. If it's true with AL Franken he should step down immediately. But I can't help but think he would be that stupid to pose for a picture with him groping a woman.
  10. Wow the bloodbath even extends into my own town of Bernardsville. We just elected BOTH democratic candidates to the local council. The first time in its history. Keep on mind that registered R's outnumber the D's here by nearly 2-1.
  11. Do I have it right that the Dems may have now gained total state control of Washington State, New Jersey, and Virginia?
  12. First time in awhile I voted straight D down the ballot.
  13. You moved back?
  14. Murphy
  15. Yeah this looks to be following the same fate as healthcare.