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  1. Ginsburg is actually our country's first zombie justice. Cool milestone to reach.
  2. Trump's ass is grass.
  3. It's all conspiracy from the deep-state! They're recruiting Cohen to bring down the one to save us real Americans. Trump!
  4. Michael Cohen photoshopped the check. He has it out on Trump and needs to frame him!
  5. It's a forged check, Trump is innocent!!!
  6. It's a forged check that someone made to frame poor Trump.
  7. Look there's that 35%-40% number again. Where have I seen that before? :rolleyes:
  8. Did the bill pass Congress already? If not then I can't see the House passing it now.
  9. So would this mean that the appropriations deal is off?
  10. L=lesbian G=gay B=bisexual T=transgender Q=queer/questioning I=intersex A=asexual +=others not nentioned
  11. I think Rgwp is the same poster that drove away our transgender poster awhile ago.
  12. Congrats NJ on becoming the next state to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour in 2024.
  13. I looked and I'm eligible for Jamaican citizenship for the same reason (my Dad kept his) and would only have to pay about $300 for the application. Pretty cool but not something I'm actively looking at doing.
  14. Sure, but at what point is enough enough?
  15. Page 2,000