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  1. BINGO. Also, it doesn't lower the rates of death penalty level crimes. It's more of a form of state-sponsored revenge rather than a proper punishment for a crime.
  2. Hopefully it backfires. Buttigieg is doing some shady stuff, looks like his true colors are showing.
  3. What made me angry about Lebron's statement was he said Morey was "uneducated" and only thinking of himself. The fact is that Morey was trying to raise awareness for what the people of Hong Kong are going through. Lebron is only concerned about his money. The fact is, the NBA shouldn't be playing any games in China and other corporations should get out of there, too. It pisses me off to no end that America doesn't even have the guts to recognize Taiwan as a free and independent nation.
  4. J&J knew about that for years and did nothing. And now they suffer the consequences with a big class action lawsuit. Boeing, well,..... we all know what happened there.
  5. a racist getting what he deserves. Just say "recount" and he freaks out.
  6. They are profiting off desperate people who cant live unless they get these drugs. The evidence shows collusion between the different drug companies, that's why they are being sued.
  7. The thing is, they are pocketing the majority of that money for themselves, not using it for research.
  8. Unhealthy eating, which includes the obesity epidemic and the rising rate of diabetes is something we can trace back to the food and chemical industries (like the sugar and artificial sweetener industries), which also have extensive lobbies- we basically finance unhealthy eating, which finances higher costs for health care, which leads to more stress and depression, which leads to more unhealthy eating, etc., etc...... it's all a vicious cycle that feeds back on itself.
  9. There's more info here about the pharma price-fixing lawsuit covering 44 states 44 States Sue Pharma Companies Over Alleged Conspiracy To Inflate Generic Drug Prices By As Much As 1,000% In court documents, the state prosecutors lay out a brazen price-fixing scheme involving more than a dozen generic drug companies, including Teva, Pfizer, Novartis and Mylan. A key element of the scheme was an agreement among competitors to cooperate on pricing so each company could maintain a “fair share” of the generic drug markets, the complaint alleges.
  10. Have a read- it's very eye-opening Yet every time Congress debates doing something about drug prices, the industry—and the advocacy groups it funds—vociferously returns to the point that lower prices will thwart innovative research. The fear of missing a cure for Alzheimer’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease or depression contributes to stalling reform. But there are many reasons to question the widely held notion that high drug prices and innovative research are inextricably linked. The most telling data on a disconnect between drug prices and research costs has received almost no public attention. Peter Bach, a researcher at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and his colleagues compared prices of the top 20 best-selling drugs in the United States to the prices in Europe and Canada. They found that the cumulative revenue from the price difference on just these 20 drugs more than covers all the drug research and development costs conducted by the 15 drug companies that make those drugs—and then some To be more precise, after accounting for the costs of all research—about $80 billion a year—drug companies had $40 billion more from the top 20 drugs alone, all of which went straight to profits, not research. More excess profit comes from the next 100 or 200 brand-name drugs. Drug companies tend to say they are unique in needing to spend a higher proportion of their capital on research than almost any other industry. But of all the companies in the world, the one that invests the most in research and development is not a drug company. It’s Amazon. The online retailer spendsabout $20 billion a year on R&D, despite being renowned for both low prices and low profits. Among the 25 worldwide companies that spend the most on research and development—all more than $5 billion a year—seven are pharmaceutical manufacturers, but eight are automobile or automobile-parts companies with profit margins under 10 percent. Amazon’s operating margin is under 5 percent. Meanwhile, the top 25 pharmaceutical companies reported a “healthy average operating margin of 22 percent” at the end of 2017, according to an analysis by GlobalData.
  11. These lobbies are the major problem- they wouldn't allow Obama to do it either. That's why the ACA is incomplete.
  12. American regulatory agencies (in all industries) could use a huge overhaul. First of all, we need to weed out the corporate insiders that are members of their boards, there is major conflict of interest right there.
  13. Prices will automatically go down here if you allow people to buy prescription meds online. If you can get a prescription online you should be able to buy your meds online. If you like a free market system you shouldn't oppose people being able to buy their meds from other countries. That's the best way to stabilize prices.