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  1. Today is the day I’m going to just walk away instead of letting anger and my deep and some would say unreasonable abject hate for that rata to consume me. So, I’m going to bounce before I start abusing my useless “power”. I need a break anyway and not just because of this.
  2. Dude. I hate this ducking fat bitch ass piece of shit. He is so gross. How fucking DARE he with this lynching shit. Does he understand what he is doing? Does he know that lunching is a real thing and inflammatory? This man is mentally ill and so unfit to be a school principal, much less the leader of the free world. Does he not understand how deeply offense and hurtful that is to 14% of the people he leads? It’s on purpose and we know what he’s doing. i hope Barron is fartherless before tomorrow. And I don’t care by what means.
  3. Lol, all of these chumps who support Trump are cowards.
  4. It's a coup....a coup that has rules and is in the constitution. Because, you know, a coup goes by the rules.
  5. We have a leader who doesn't even know or understand the laws and document that established the nation he leads. God help us
  6. Years ago. So i was right. Lol on that. that’s not called straight. Gay, bi. Lecherous applies across the spectrum. Stop trying to make it normal. you heard about me banging guys a lot. I mean a ton! But there’s a difference in motive. And I’m not lecherous. So, that.
  7. Saw it live. It was cringeworthy and amazing. Wallace had him pinned.
  8. Trump might be the best thing Senate Democrats have.