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  1. I’m glad you get it. This should be a bipartisan view, not tribes sucking him off to “own the libs”. In any other world, shit like this ends presidencies. Instead, the Trump roaches here and in Congress circle the wagons and shill for him, blaming his boorish and shady behavior on others. It’s fucking pathetic and gross.
  2. Allow me to make a bold prediction. Nothing will happen to Trump.
  3. legit lol
  4. This right here would be enough to just about sink anybody...this is something we already knew, so I doubt it's this..but goddammit it, it's impeachable af...and so treasonously dirty George Conway Retweeted Bill Kristol @BillKristol · 1h “...a call between the US president and Mr Zelensky on 25 July, during which Mr Trump allegedly told the Ukrainian president to reopen the Biden investigation if he wanted to improve relations with the US.” Might this cause a whistleblower to whistleblow?
  5. WPS
  6. But at least he hasn't worn black face
  7. There have been approximately zero other presidents with this problem.
  8. Multiple times. Who willingly defends this shit?
  9. It is what it is. Now NYT
  10. Can you not fucking comprehend?
  11. Narrator: He was.
  12. Jesus Christ. Of course it was, lol Julia E. Ainsley @JuliaEAinsley New: A DOJ official says it was the Office of Legal Counsel that advised DNI not to disclose the whistleblower complaint to Congress. No word yet whether Barr was directly involved.
  13. What does any of this have to do with the smear in this thread that she said simply criticizing her (or her policies) were tantamount to death threats?
  14. That's ma' girl. I'm telling yall, Biden ain't a lock.