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Stinkin' TrumpHole

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  1. I must admit Warren is growing on me.
  2. Who the fuck are you? Tossing out shit posts to see where they land is not a good look.
  3. FYP
  4. WTF does this even mean?
  5. Oh, you mean your reputation that you are a misogynist?
  6. No big deal. Move along now.
  7. The big question: would citizens vote for Warren over stinkin’ trumphole next November? That’s a question I will be asking over the next 13 months.
  8. As far as I’m concerned bacon is a condiment.
  9. Phin, what did you do with Fozz's body?
  10. "Take the shaming as incentive . . . " Fuck you, you old fat man.
  11. Real simple: Shaming is not adult behavior. Holding people accountable for their behavior is. Overweight people will pay higher health insurance premiums.
  12. Somewhere. Stalin and Hitler are smiling.
  13. No comment on my post above about Fox/Examiner? Beyond your grasp?
  14. Yeah, we can't figure out trumphole either!
  15. When's your court date?
  16. Fuck you pig. A top meteorologist at Fox News slammed President Trump for presenting a doctored map showing Hurricane Dorian could hit Alabama. Janice Dean, senior meteorologist for Fox News Channel, explained the National Hurricane Center's cone of uncertainty never reached the state despite what the altered map showed. "Just so everyone is clear. This forecast cone was from 5 days ago. Alabama was NEVER in the official cone from the @NHC_Atlantic," she tweeted Wednesday. "The sharpie-bubble was drawn by someone else. This map is inaccurate, misleading and fake." https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/inaccurate-misleading-and-fake-fox-meteorologist-rips-trump-over-doctored-hurricane-map Fox and Washington Examiner are left wing outlets???
  17. How can you post such crap. There is nothing obscure about trumphole’s words.
  18. Surveillance required to catch these dangerous lone wolves would not be tolerated by the citizens.
  19. So what’s his excuse?
  20. Typical behavior during the Age of Trump. Fuck them all.
  21. If Mar a Lago is destroyed (I’m praying real hard) will trumphole use federal money for repairs? I bet he will try, calling it the southern White House.
  22. Putin tells trumphole to withhold military aid to Ukraine. Trumphole asks if Putin wants him to swallow.
  23. With you in the center,
  24. What a lovely family.
  25. Yes Hes is.