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Stinkin' TrumpHole

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  1. Certainly you can stop infecting Randy's servers with the non-stop blathering you post here every minute of every day and night.
  2. How many Star Wars figures do you have in your collection at your Mom's basement?
  3. LOLZ. Man you are southern!
  4. Oh god knows I Can't Wait!
  5. Absolutely no excuse for this, damn Netanyahoo and stinkin' trumphole to Hell for all eternity.
  6. Goats rock.
  7. They’ve been saying that for a decade. Lolz.
  8. And his brain-dead base drinks it up. Can you imagine if they turned on him?
  9. Did you see the show? If not shut the fuck up. Damn you are tiresome.
  10. Great show. Riveting and exposes the USSR as a hapless bureaucracy full of idiots.
  11. Fuck the stupid mind-controlled base!
  12. Most of trumphole's base haven't been further that 100 miles from their birthplace. Why would they care about the Chinee?
  13. The UK is in no position to do a damn thing about treaty violations.
  14. This is getting old phin. Try something different for a change.