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  1. Sounds like it’s time for a $100 bet. Akeem?
  2. Hitler and Stalin are spinning in their graves. Stinkin' trumphole gives dictators a very bad name.
  3. 100% of this board think you are the biggest asshole ever.
  4. You are soooo jealous of LUC1F3R - nice clothes, worked out body, hot wife. You have none of these things. Sucks to be you.
  5. The commander in grift has to be punished like a naughty child by the adults (what's left of them in his administration), and then pouts and whines about the 'punishment'. What a world!
  6. [nutsack lickers] This is a nothingburger. Look at the links -- FAKE NEWS - OWN THE LIBS[/nutsack lickers
  7. He’s so desperate now. Calling Randy a phobe and shit. Fun to watch him slowly melt down.
  8. Nothing if love is involved. Is that what you tell your wife?
  9. But you are a fucking nutsack licking winger for sure.
  10. Yeah, not a big leap for Brian#s to act dumb.