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  1. Trumps problem going forward is that not everyone involved is a trump ass kisser. He can tell them not to testify but everyone knows he has zero loyalty to anyone. He would sell them out in a quick minute so theres no reason to be loyal to someone like that. Trumps his own worst enemy.
  2. Good article about the walls collapsing.
  3. Its her house and she wanted it open? Maybe the AC wasnt working, maybe she had a squirrel she was trying to let out, maybe she wanted her house filled with doesnt fucking matter one bit why her door was open. It's her door her house the door being open is irrelevant. If the cop was that concern call for backup and then knock and announce your the police. If no answer then you go in slow and check for victims of a crime. Mappy ninja'd me!
  4. With the cop going around shining his light at that time of night would get anyone's attention. She had every right to arm herself in her home until the officer identified himself........which he NEVER did. This cop should absolutely get more than 10 years.
  5. If Bolton comes out against the president he will have some very high level direct info to share. That is probably the only way this maniac resigns.
  6. The police chief was very critical if him and basically said he broke every rule there was. He's hopefully going to be convicted.
  7. If you scare Bolton into going to a lawyer then you have done something! Wonder if this has anything to do with bolton's firing........hopefully Bolton will turn on him.
  8. He shot so fucking fast. If he was that scared he should have called for backup and then with help from other officers knocked on the fucking door announced Dallas PD and then waited for the lady to come to the door. Just so many things done wrong theres no way this doesnt fall under manslaughter/murder.
  9. It's her great and unmatched wisdom!!!!! I. Telling ya she shadows the trump personality perfectly.
  10. I haven't been able to keep up because I've been working but is this the same report? If it is then I'm sorry for the repost
  11. Reported that there are pictures of Levi parnas with trump as far back as 2014.
  12. Going to be another Dallas cop going to jail. It says a gun was retrieved but if he didn't knock she could have simply been arming herself against an intruder. This cop is in trouble based off early info.
  13. I won't believe any reports on what he might say. Just this week there were reports that Gowdy turned trump down but that was false.
  14. Sounds like the Turkey attack on US forces may not have been accidental.