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  1. Gonna be hard for me to vote for someone who supports the lefts kind of stupidity when it comes to gun control.
  2. Any red flag law that could be applied in this case is one that would be way far overreaching. His mother NEVER implied he was a threat.
  3. As she gave no specific details about her son being a threat there is no red flag law that would apply in this situation.
  4. Everything I heard said there was a record crowd with a couple thousand people still standing outside. It's a cult
  5. So she thought her son shouldnt own a gun or because he was a threat but because she didnt know the law on age for ownerships. What law would have been used to take his weapons? She never said he was a threat even when asked by the person she was talking to.
  6. First off I am for some gun control measures and that's not a secret. The el paso shooters mother called to ask if the gun he had was legal but DID NOT say he was a threat or raise a concern he was going to do something violent. What law in regards to her phone call needs to be changed badly? https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/08/07/us/el-paso-crusius-gun-warning/index.html According to the family's attorneys, the mother's inquiry was "informational" in nature and was not motivated out of a concern that her son posed a threat to anybody.
  7. Criminals will do what they want. Laws are for setting standards to which society should follow. When someone doesnt those laws are there to punish the people who break them. This means most people dont break laws because they fear the punishment. This man in philly was a violent criminal who should have been in jail. He wasnt in jail so he was out in society breaking more laws. He wont get out now at least for a couple dozen years.
  8. Or that criminals are gonna do criminal things no matter how many laws there are against it.
  9. Classic rock
  10. The cops are well armed nowadays with with guns and military vehicles.
  11. For all the ICE haters and people saying rhetoric matters......that door sings both ways. https://www.yahoo.com/news/officials-blame-political-rhetoric-misinformation-114511814.html
  12. Wonder if there is any truth to the reports of prison extortion? Threats of violence if he didnt wire money to inmates.
  13. Maybe that shrieking was old Epstein getting taken advantage of by his cellmate. Maybe he decided he didn't want that the rest of his life and he just took the easy way out. Not everything has to be some huge elaborate conspiracy.
  14. So if there was shrieking and he was being attacked why not tell the guards and get moved into solitary confinement? Why do nothing to remove yourself from danger?
  15. Even if his cellmate did it that doesnt by itself prove some conspiracy that he was taken out as part of some huge scheme to silence him. Prisons are violent places and especially for pedos