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  1. I dont see where oregon Republicans have done so either. I see militias intervening but not being asked to. https://expo.oregonlive.com/news/g66l-2019/06/ff0f90f6211918/militia-offer-oregon-senators-security-republicans-arent-accepting-the-help.html
  2. I remember the thread well. No need for research
  3. Of course they aren't. In one case democrats fled the state to avoid a vote and here the republicans did. One you were ok with and one you are not. Must be easy going through life being able to rationalize every situation into something you never feel you are wrong about. Sounds a lot like trump and you should be besties.
  4. Sorry I'm not gonna dig up an 8 year old thread just to prove you wrong AGAIN.
  5. I have had a side. I had it in 2011 and I said it In my first post here. Stay and take the vote you dont have the numbers then too bad. That was my position then and now. Its yall that have have two different views of it.
  6. Yeah it's better than seeing things only through the one fucked up lense you see it through.
  7. I was referring to eyewall saying they should send the guard after them. The militias need to be sent packing for sure.
  8. I dont agree with the militias here at all but get the fuck out of here with the fake outrage. Like I said when the democrats ran in 2011 they were your heros.
  9. Yall loved it when the Wisconsin democrats did the same shit.
  10. Chances of this happening in the next 50 years is slim to none. What can we do short term to help while we develop that technology?
  11. Would love to see more projects like this.
  12. The issue is to believe them without proof makes it hard to undo that perception when it comes out that it's not true. To believe without question is to convict without proof and that is a horribly dangerous thing. Not that we are condoning any such brutal behavior as rape. None of us want to shame or deny a woman who has been legitimately assualted her due process.
  13. You were sure wanting and supportive of impeaching kavanaugh. So you have. Dont make me embarrass you twice in the same evening.
  14. What you are implying is that unless somebody is convicted of something and they cannot be guilty of doing it which by that precedent means that neither Trump nor Kavanaugh are rapist so all you've done is shot down your very own argument and that you're being ridiculous by constantly calling them rapist with no convictions