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  1. I guess the restaurant owner doesn't agree with her lifestyle
  2. Opioid use should drop now that Trump brought jobs back right?
  3. A cousin of santa?
  4. Yeah I don't trust tom Arnold
  5. lol so you're admitting trump is laden with corruption and scandals?
  6. and the tea party wanted obama impeached because they didn't like him. Not one thing he did was remotely impeachable
  7. she worked for Ivanka's clothing line for 6 months and that was enough for trump to make her press secretary
  8. Somehow in 2018 this makes sense
  9. Philip Rucker‏Verified account @PhilipRucker Just in: White House is continuing national emergency on North Korea, saying it poses "an unusual & extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy & economy of the United States." Last week, Trump said, "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea." https://twitter.com/PhilipRucker/status/1010186799132696576
  10. I'd respond with 'you should get that checked out'
  11. True, My guess is the guys are trying to use it to sound impressive and it's backfiring.
  12. Here's a novel idea, if you want to get laid STFU about what you do for a living?
  13. So Mueller's approval has dropped but he's not nearly as unpopular as Rudy and trump gets low marks for handling the russia investigation (duh) CNN Poll: Americans think Russia investigation is serious and should continue https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/22/politics/russia-investigation-june-poll/index.html And look how Giuliani's public image has really taken a hit. Once upon a time, America's Mayor was viewed favorably by two-thirds of all Americans. As recently as 2011, a majority still had a positive view of him. In 2016, his favorable rating was 19 points higher than his unfavorables. Now 45% have an unfavorable view of Giuliani and only 31% see him in a positive light. Negative views of Mueller don't mean that the public is taking Trump's side. Just 29% approve of how Trump is handling the Russia investigation. Only 35% say it is an attempt to discredit Trump's presidency. Nearly 7-in-10 think Trump should testify under oath if Mueller requests it. Another 70% would disapprove if Trump issues himself a presidential pardon, with no majority in any demographic group.
  14. certainly flies in the face of supposedly being for smaller government and sticking to the constitution