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  1. Trump supporters won't care but Karen McDougal told Anderson Cooper trump offered her money after they had sex. She also said he was good looking and has good posture so I'm not sure I trust her
  2. Was he the one who trump said was safe a week ago? I can't keep track
  3. Was it smart for biden to say it? no. Did someone need to say it? for sure Trump has said far worse about protesters at his rallies but I suppose we shouldn't be stooping to his level
  4. Joe said he wants to beat him up. Melania's on the case
  6. Bullies deserve beatdowns, that is all
  7. LOL at defending a terrorist as not being a white supremacist. Meanwhlie any lefty protester is part of ANTIFA
  8. oh no that one is fresh from this morning
  9. Quinnipiac poll. Approval at 40% but the specifics are awful Americans say President Trump is damaging the country's image globally; flunking the decency test and setting a bad example for kids. There's no way to spin or sugarcoat it. The optics are ugly. " Trump does not have a sense of decency, voters say 55 - 42 percent. He is not a good role model for children, voters say 67 - 29 percent. American voters say 57 - 38 percent that President Trump is not honest. Looking at other qualities, voters say: 56 - 41 percent that he does not have good leadership skills; 53 - 43 percent that he does not care about average Americans; 64 - 32 percent that he is not level headed; 62 - 35 percent that he is a strong person; 57 - 38 percent that he is intelligent; 59 - 37 percent that he does not share their values. Only 30 percent of voters are proud to have Trump as president, while 50 percent are embarrassed. https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2529
  10. Fuckface Geraldo says he was mad because Austin's a sanctuary city
  11. Who is he quoting?
  12. Yep a tweet for every occasion
  13. We know how our wives love to shop, amirite guys?