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I'm Fucked

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  1. What he heard...lalalalalala lalalalalal President lalalalalala Lalalala best
  2. Just a SLOB like one of us
  3. I do yell trump dammit alot these days
  4. But he hugged the rainbow flag!
  5. Trump is a pretty and vindictive "man" who wants to undo anything Obama did regardless of who it hurts
  6. Do you want some Russian dressing for that word salad?
  7. Ok see ya Returns 30 seconds later
  8. When you meet the one you know and sometimes it works that way
  9. All the relationship stuff should at least be moved to OT and merged with the raccoon and dating threads (yes I know that's not happening)
  10. Lol stay in your lane..whatever that is
  11. Powerball