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  1. There are countless stories like this even going back to childhood where a person will remember more details about the event itself than the specifics like date or location. That's true of any traumatic event.
  2. Avenatti's client is supposed to give a tv interview in the next 2 days
  3. L. Ron Hubbard?
  4. Obviously they're doing it for a book deal
  5. So the NYT did not "pass" on the story
  6. Axios broke it, fox and drudge ran with it
  7. So it might all be nothing? Lol
  8. link?
  9. the DNC staying out of TN and AZ helps the dem candidate
  10. They're not speeches they're rallies for his ego.
  11. Christina Wilkie‏Verified account @christinawilkie 6m6 minutes ago More NEW: @PeteWilliamsNBC reports that Rosenstein has said if Trump wants him gone, they'll have to fire him, and that Rosenstein will refuse to resign and go quietly.
  12. No
  13. Allegedly he gave his verbal resignation to Kelly
  14. you know if he has your password he doesn't need your permission right?
  15. So if a woman comes to you and says a guy tried to rape her and you tell her oh well you shouldn't have been drinking?