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  1. Looks like China stepped in to save the day. Lol there are no markets anymore. Always rescued or bailed out.
  2. Futures roaring higher. Green now. Fridays are the best!
  3. Yeah, it’s a bloodbath out there. Global markets often tend to follow US markets, so we’ll see how the US does today. Futures are already rebounding.
  4. She doesn’t read your links.
  5. Friday has to be the big reversal day, right? No way we go down big two days in a row.
  6. Stop using my image!!
  7. Of course, it's possible we could go the other way.
  8. It's because they're dishonest and have an agenda. What most people can wrap their brains around is that incidents like this are widely used to create division. It's an active strategy, and as you frequently witness here, there are way too many gullible people that eat it up. There have always been racial divides. That can improve. But people have to recognize what's going on and decide to wake up and quit being played. If something is racially motivated, it should be dealt with appropriately. But all of the anger and arguing generated over pure speculation isn't helpful on any front.
  9. Did the S&P bounce off the 100 dma or something? BTFD'ers are still around. Bet we finish green or very close to it. Should set the stage for a nice rally tomorrow.
  10. Looks like another patented 500 point down day reversal to positive is in store fore today.
  11. Nice quick 200 point bounce in the Dow.
  12. Yep, long end has really come off the last couple of days. Futures not looking too bright either.
  13. What’s up buddy? How’s it going today?
  14. When Phin gets back, we’ll have to endure more sweet feet pix....cause that’s so funny too. At least there will be some variety, I guess.