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  1. probably a better chance that Mar-A-Lago washes away
  2. aren't we in more than a bit of a housing bubble anyway? maybe by allowing those affordable units in, we can get prices to more realistic levels.
  3. it makes for good late-night radio, that's for sure.
  4. not sure how many of you know, but the USA Women are already booking a series of International friendly matches for August and September (i think 4 or 5 of them). the first one is against Ireland over in LA. But the tour will go on through early September, at least, as they stop in St Paul at Allianz Field on Sep 3 (Home of Minnesota United).
  5. and just what the markets need. more jitters. https://www.politico.com/amp/story/2019/07/12/mnuchin-pelosi-debt-ceiling-september-1412404?fbclid=IwAR1T0_af6j5xG7sBvFeOiGzcHM21ubgAg36y-dcux03xUIFghkZcuo-mZNM (Also, as a side note, perfectly timed for possibly screwing up the NWA Annual Meeting in Huntsville)
  6. maybe I'm thinking too much here. but if a global slowdown is possible, and we also have core inflation higher than expected, can we really have a rate-cut in the US at all, even one on the scale of only 25 basis points? i'm not sure the Fed under Powell wants to possibly get into a real stagflationary problem here.
  7. i'm not the biggest fan of crypto-currencies. but I did meet a guy who does a lot of them at a "Network After Work" event in 2014. I think they will eventually consolidate, once they get the security thing worked out. that being said, there's enough out there in crypto-currency that word like what Trump just said definitely won't help his 2020 chances. you don't think he'd be stupid enough to try to go after them in the coming weeks, would he? (edit) just saw the fuller story on CNBC. it seems Donald is saying if Facebook wants to start it's own bank (by creating its own currency via Libra), it much seek a US and/or International Banking Charter like other banks. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/12/trump-critcizes-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-questions-facebook-libra.html
  8. weird question here. given that the New Hampshire Primary is scheduled for Feb 11th, given how much the dems are more "pro-environment" and concerned about "human-caused or enhanced climate change"; you think there is any way given that Boston is only a stone's throw from SE NH, you don't think one or more candidates might show up at the AMS Annual Meeting in Boston in mid-late January as a way to try to buffer their environmental credentials among younger voters?
  9. separate question. who here is seeing campaign signs in houses or on the side of the road for the democratic primary already? I just saw one up here in MN today when I was driving home from work for Tulsi Gabbard on the off-ramp from I-94 westbound to 12th St in St Paul. wish i could have take a pic, but it was raining and didn't want to pick up my cell phone while i was driving.
  10. true, the GP would likely take care of him in ways i wouldn't want to know about.
  11. got to be sure the castration is on ppv, without anesthetic, and maybe some unclean instruments to boot.
  12. you want growth rates more than 1.5 to 2% per year, wages for the low and middle classes have to go up. it's no question. hoarding at the top won't sustain long-term growth. and migrant labor has been coming into this country long before I was born, all without slowing down wage growth from the 50's to the early/mid 80's.
  13. so wasting the cash on stock buybacks that only temporarily boost the stock price and make your 401K look healthier than it actually is, is any better? at least the money from higher labor costs will be brought back in eventually because the workers will have more discretionary money to spend, potentially on their product. stock buybacks are at best a symbolism of excessive greed. and at worst, any company who goes into massive debt to fund such a buyback is a company waiting to fail when interest rates get back to normal. why do think people in Luzerne County PA and in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan voted for Trump even though he was against their own best interests? because they wanted hope that their paychecks would go up, and that companies would stop with only providing 10-12-14/hr jobs and bring jobs that pay enough to raise a family on without needing a 2nd or third job. Either companies do it voluntarily for the short-term hit to get the long-term gain (and a healthier IRA or 401K), or they'll be forced to and have to pay a much higher price, especially for services that are needed no matter what the other sectors of the economy need because they can't be automated away.
  14. here's some data I'd like to see on the latest NIKE protests. where are the most people posting memes and pictures calling for NIKE to either die as a company, or boycott their company, and what company their favorite college athletic department or local HS athletic departments have sponsorship/ad/equipment deals with. reason why I ask that, I would love if some real desperate but right-wing HS athletic department or top college team has fans/alums/parents that criticize NIKE the most but has a deal with the company, and NIKE uses that online data to yank away any such deals as a result, causing financial ruin for said NS or college athletic departments. culdn't you imagine if some TX HS football team who was top of their division in the state couldn't end up competing the next season because they're dissing NIKE's Kaepernick's ads too much, causing their athletic department to lose too much funding?
  15. like Trump bullying the fed to cut rates to cut rates when we don't need to isn't Banana Republic material?