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  1. time for me to head to bed. but wow, did the conservatives blow an opportunity. was hiding Doug Ford in Ontario a good strategy? with the liberals being virtually wiped out in Western Canada and the Bloc Quebecois back as an official party, how does this affect how things stand? NDP, losing seats, but still could have been a lot worse, as they now might have a way in to get some of their way. Greens win a surprise 3-way race in Fredericton, NB. is it enough to keep Elizabeth May in her job as Green Party leader? People's Party goes down in a ball of flames as their leader loses his seat, leaving none for Bernier's party in Parliament. Will Scheer even keep Conservative leadership? or will the knives come out from McKay in the east and Kenny in Alberta? a lot of storylines and vote counting going forward.
  2. CBC and CTV both call for Trudeau and the liberals to get the most seats at 915PM CT. but whether they get minority or majority it's still too close to call. not sure what Global TV is saying. CBC is now saying Liberal Minority. Global and CTV yet to call. Polls just closed in BC. results at 9:17PM CT (majority is 170 seats) Liberals 26 elected 117 leaning total 143 Conservatives 15 elected 89 leaning 104 total Bloc Quebecois 1 elected 30 leaning 31 total NDP 1 elected 18 leaning 19 total Green Party 0 elected 1 leaning 1 total People's Party 0 elected 0 leaning 0 total others 0 elected 0 leaning 0 total
  3. Polls now closed in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchean, Alberta, and Nunavut. now comes the results from the bulk of the ridings. tallies as of 840pm CT Liberals 20 confirmed, 24 leading Conservatives 3 confirmed 9 leaning NDP 1 confirmed 3 leaning Green 0 confirmed 1 leaning Bloc Quebecois 0 confirmed 4 leaning People's Party 0 confirmed 1 leaning others 0 confirmed 0 leaning
  4. Newfoundland is pretty much staying put attm, as they haven't really had strong conservatives up there for a while since Danny Wlliams. the conservatives were more likely to make gains in rural NS and NB, and that's looking like that is the case this election, as mainly former PC ridings are the ones going back to the Conservative party except for 1 in central NS. btw, 2 western ridings in New Brunswick went confirmed conservative. now confirmed (740 CT) 12 2 1 0 0 0
  5. latest numbers at 727pm CT... All of Newfoundland called, Maritimes being counted (170 seats needed for a majority, 338 up for grabs) Liberals 9 confirmed 16 leaning Conservatives 0 confirmed 6 leaning NDP 1 confirmed 0 leaning Bloc Quebecois 0 confirmed 0 leaning Green 0 confirmed 0 leaning People's Party 0 confirmed 0 leaning others 0 confirmed 0 leaning numbers coming from the CBC... https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/federal/2019/results/
  6. color codes for the parties: Liberal (Trudeau) Conservative (Scheer) NDP (Singh) Bloc Quebecois (Blanchette) Green (May) People's Party (Bernier) Other some early results in. 5 out of 7 ridings in Newfoundland declared, remain Liberal red, including the riding represented by former Weather Network TV meteorologist Scott Simms, Coast of Bays - Central - Notre Dame. Still waiting on St Johns East (leaning NDP orange) and St Johns South - Mount Pearl (leaning liberal attm).
  7. the voting is going on right now, and should close starting in Newfoundland a few minutes from the time of this post (530PM CT posting time). last-minute details on the election here, courtesy of the CBC. time to count the votes and find out who wins and whether it's a minority or majority. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/election-day-what-you-need-to-know-1.5328369
  8. what I am talking about is, what if all that occurs and is done by christmas, but during the primaries and caucuses that occur after then, he gets delegates anyway, given how much of a cult-leader-like person he is. it's basically the people who converted to the GOP for this say, screw the constitutional ruling, we're doing it anyway.
  9. ok, weird question time, but a fairly serious one. let's suppose that Trump actually gets not just impeached, but also convicted, removed from office, and prohibited from running for any office again. just suppose, as we can't be sure of the senate vote as of yet. Trump has this campaign full steam, he's got campaign stops still booked left and right. the GOP still has things tied up so pretty much noone else can get on the ballot other than Trump. What happens if he continues his run anyway, and given his base, he somehow still gets enough support to actually get the nomination at the GOP convention? In an election he's not allowed to run in. what would happen to the GOP in that case? how much of a problem would there be at the convention if the pro-trump people started rioting in the hall because their guy isn't allowed to run and one of the other 3 candidates end up being nominated by default?
  10. before this Syria/Turkey debacle, I might have said "don't go all in but maybe a small portion of your stack as a hedge, no problem". now, with this Syria mess, no way that happens.
  11. that would turn facebook into a "media company" like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news. and I have to wonder how that would play in the courts, especially in a jury trial.
  12. too bad that we can't make a law, rule, or something like that which says something to the effect of " there is a strict time limit for people to be appointed as cabinet members before a replacement has to be in the position who is voted upon by the senate and approved".
  13. btw, weather up here is totally crappy attm. (cloudy with intermittent rain, occasional misting). cold front ~ 60 miles to the west. Mike Pence is also in the metro, speaking at an event about 20-25 miles south of downtown Minny in Lakeville. And for him to get to downtown, his motorcade will be screwing up a major expressway around here (MN 77/Cedar Avenue) that eventually turns into a major city street that goes through the heart of Ilhan Omar's district, the Cedar-Riverside area of minneapolis. As for donald, he might have to take the same route to get from the airport to downtown, or possibly tie up 35W from the beltway to Hennepin (going under 2 downtown tunnels) and then get off near Hennepin to get over to the Target Center (a route that has also a ton of traffic this time of day, before adding low clouds and rain). wonder if the metro rush hour screws things up despite police efforts.
  14. btw, just as a head's up, it seems the OathKeepers are going to be "guarding Republican Attendees" tomorrow and tomorrow night for the rally at the Target Center. my best thing to say on that bit of news, avoid the Warehouse District in Minneapolis tomorrow and tomorrow night if you can. I have a bad feeling. http://www.citypages.com/news/armed-conspiracy-group-will-defend-republicans-at-minneapolis-trump-rally/562562061?fbclid=IwAR3KYXEkrz7NRGQ660nS6VOKSDcjICDgNqAvaKTqGhxmdmMoHSmCNiHG2kw