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  1. I am a wuss because I don't want to be killed? You really are just a fucking idiot aren't you?
  2. You could make a million and I wouldn't trade lives with you. I prefer to actually know something than being a mindless drone who happens to make 30k more than me.
  3. Yeah remember how I got that raise just a month ago? Yeah must have been magic right? Also he works a fuckload of OT doing a job where he can be killed, only way I get killed at my job is if a plane crashes into my building. But yeah I am totally envious of his line of work.
  4. Yep, dead on. Oh and BetaPhin another fail by you, no one is jealous of Lennie Small's life. No one wants to trade lives with an empty box.
  5. I am sure all the Trumpers here will denounce this. I just know that they will.
  6. Evil knows no bounds with this administration.
  7. Not a single thing about that story is shocking, even going back to his personal crusade to be a one man neighborhood watch.
  8. Media is trash, that is part of the reason. Furthermore I hope they all rot, doesn't matter what side of the fence. I have been very consistent on this as well.
  9. One in Jersey City and one east of JFK
  10. Yeah it was the other lunatic Ted Nugent that wanted to run for governor.
  11. We need more sexist BetaPhin posts, that will get this place going.
  12. Toxic without sexism? Let me guess, you just want to call women bitches because you are too simple and angry to actually discuss anything normally.
  13. "I am not the problem, it is all of you"