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  1. You can't answer the question. At least Scott gave a reasonable point. You are just being a stupid dick at this point.
  2. That is usually the case up here as well. It is always great when you have one go up in flames near Chicago...
  3. Actually does matter, gas companies are grossly overcharging in that area and hiding it under the guise of the taxes. But it isn't you so you don't give a shit.
  4. You know she is talking about before taxes are added in. Stop with the disingenuous bullshit.
  5. The 2 foot oaf has spoken like the true tiny man that he is.
  6. Like you know the word delusional
  7. Well at least there is 2022 that will fix things post census but who knows what will happen in the 3 years between now and then. Thanks though for clarifying it a bit.
  8. I knew this day was coming when states like Utah and Kentucky had overwhelming support for a state medicaid or state insurance, and the politicians gave the middle finger to those in the state. They are much more concerned with self preservation than their constituents.
  9. I see someone has lost his mind today.
  10. We had a proposal pass blocking the Republicans from even putting out a partisan map in this state. Passed with 65% I believe, and the Republicans gave the state the middle finger. This state has been oppressed by Republicans for a long time, the state senate has been red since 1984, before I was even born, so this shit is long standing. Many years of cheating the system. With their ruling that it is beyond the federal courts to resolve the legal grounds, wouldn't that revert back to the state ruling. @trump supporters = racists
  11. Mitt like Jeb just wants people to clap for him.
  12. Easily took maybe couple minutes. Of course that requires having a functioning brain, which Metfan lacks.
  13. You are free to create BetaPhin's World of lawlessness. See if people join. Oh wait you'd rather bitch and moan about rules here than actually have lawlessness. As a matter of fact if the rules and mods were removed you'd have nothing to bitch about anymore. This is just like your empty threat of this forum being dead when you are gone, but you never leaving. You are nothing more than a stupid hypocrite.
  14. Fuck you and eat a bag of shit, from "Spineless" Stebo.
  15. You are fucked up in the head. Of course people are going to bitch about me saying this instead of acknowledging the bullshit you said but I don't care anymore, you are sick and need help.