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  1. That may be true, but he's either going public this spring or after the election so he doesn't do what Comey did.
  2. Well now look at this, the Republicans are rushing in to say there's no evidence of a hate crime. Does it feel good to rush to the defense of a killer? Imagine if this guy wasn't white.
  3. It's possible that Mueller could be waiting until the 2018 election to go public with whatever he has because he knows that GOP isn't going to impeach him.
  4. This might be one of those things they’re not against it so much they want to legally stop someone from it, but look down on it.
  5. Votes are supposed to be anonymous.
  6. What about homeless people?
  7. There's instances of voter fraud, we all know that. But it's not enough of an issue to swing an election. It's usually caught and dealt with.
  8. uBlock Origin with the EasyPrivacy list is good too.
  9. How Michigan does it should be a model for other states. If you don't have it, you just sign an affidavit.
  10. Things that require an ID like driving, buying alcohol/cigarettes, etc. are privileges not guaranteed by the constitution, and therefore can be regulated by the state however it sees fit. Voting is different because it is supposed to be guaranteed no matter what. Anything standing in the way of a citizen voting is denying that right. What you guys need to do is separate the right to vote from everything else that requires an ID because they are not guaranteed by the constitution. Read that over and over again until it sinks in. Anyways, it is much simpler with the status quo because we're not denying people the right to vote. You guys have yet to present evidence of actual voting fraud.. Like Randy said, it's a solution begging for a problem. A problem that doesn't exist. You guys just don't want homeless people in places like Detroit to vote. That's all this is.
  11. They think requiring IDs would somehow eliminate instances like this. It's not voting fraud, it's just incompetence.
  12. Because voting is a guaranteed right in the constitution. Requiring an ID would infringe on that as it's an undue burden and essentially requires you to pay cash money to exercise that right. A reasonable SCOTUS would rule against them or force states to make getting IDs easier, esp. for homeless people. But really, voting fraud is not enough of an issue to require IDs. Show me facts, studies, etc. that say otherwise. I don't want anecdotal evidence or cherry picked news articles. You guys seem to base your world view and opinions on shit like that lately. The rationality seems to have disappeared in America lately.
  13. And it doesn't matter what you say, they'll continue to cherry pick instances like Detroit to peddle their myth but countless studies shown that instances are rare enough to not affect an election. But you still will have Republicans crying wolf any time an election doesn't go their way. They forget that most people in America, actual citizens by the way, actually live in cities. But somehow that flies over Jonger's head because he thinks all cities are like Detroit.
  14. Again, you can't cry wolf when you have no evidence that actually happen. You want people to jump through a shitload of hoops just to vote. Do you know how hard it is to get an ID card if you're homeless? If you guys want to do that, then ID cards need to be free because then you're essentially making people pay cash money to vote and that's unconstitutional.