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  1. Yes he is. And you probably are too, since apparently you're ignoring all the evidence to the contrary.
  2. These fuckers are hellbent on killing people, and 95% of Americans just shrug it off as no big deal.
  3. Since when does pointing out a fact mean one is reeling from anything?
  4. Huh? Explain how disgusting and filthy is less words or characters than corrupt and inept?
  5. If you can't tell the difference between inept, corrupt and disgusting, filthy, infested especially in the context of previous rhetoric, I don't know what to tell you.
  6. I'd venture to say disappointed.
  7. Don't need to quote the post again, but disgusting.
  8. Her statement does not make Muslims seem “anti-white”. Even if her point doesn’t hold up per capita, we are still disproportionately trained by the media to fear Muslim terrorists. There is a large disparity with how various types of attacks are covered. I guess we’ll agree to disagree. By the way, her statement is also way more truthful than Trump’s accusing Omar of proclaiming “how great Al-Qaeda is”.
  9. You also missed the point. A lot of the time change happens when people are vocal and controversial. Its worked very well for Republicans lately. So I didn’t understand the basis for your harsh rebuke of Omar.
  10. For this particular cause? Nothing. My money goes to LGBTQ causes. BUT I never claimed to do anything myself and I’m also not putting down those who try. So thanks for the irrelevant question.
  11. Okay? It's not only continued, but it's gotten exponentially worse. How much longer are you going to sit back and keep quiet?
  12. Yes. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/01/homegrown-terrorists-2018-were-almost-all-right-wing/581284/
  13. I strongly disagree. Republicans are free to generalize liberals as anti-semitic cop hating anti-vaxxers, but Omar is "divisive" for making a valid comparison about fear driving keep America safe policies?
  14. She was making a valid point...
  15. Why are you willfully ignorant and shamefully dishonest?