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  1. Wait... so now the GOP wants to see the underlying evidence?
  2. In the words of the Joker: "Here, we, go."
  3. Was this the reason for the distraction, or at least keeping it going? NBC News - Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party
  4. Not to keep the foil hats going, but at what point does the White House need to put Donald in front of a live camera or have him at least call into a FOX show?
  5. Sort of per this quote?
  6. NYT - Two Women Who Heard E. Jean Carroll’s Account of Being Attacked by Trump Go Public
  7. Hatch Act violation checks out... Newsweek (9/20/2018) - Melania Trump's Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham Violated Hatch Act With 'Make America Great Again' Tweet
  8. Granted, it's still $135 million that was blown out of the sky, but it was a drone skimming Iranian airspace. Maybe it's GPS guidance messed up and it briefly crossed over into Iranian air-space? Guess we'll never know what it's true flight path was when Iran picked it up. Not worth throwing Tomahawks to blow up some mobile missile launchers.
  9. No need to go through that pesky confirmation process when you can keep the revolving door of "Acting" going for 200 or so days... CNBC - Trump drops Patrick Shanahan for Defense secretary position
  10. *cough*stop talking*cough* Mulvaney wasn't paying attention. Should have coughed 20 seconds earlier...
  11. On mobile, but CNN had a story the other day the qualifications do go up for the next debates in September.
  12. Well, it's been crickets from them since Hofeller's hard drive was leaked by his daughter.
  13. Just as blank as all the papers in those infamous manila folders.