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  1. Trying to get ahead of the court filings? CNN - Giuliani says Mueller has accused Manafort of lying about Trump
  2. No link yet, but CNN reporting that Kelly has spoken to Mueller's team about OOJ when Donald wanted McGahn to fire Mueller.
  3. Not sure why they would even float this as a distraction right now even if it is true. It's going to get buried later today. Maybe to distract from the tweet storm?
  4. And we have our answer... Another page says Bruce Ohr's wife's name is Nellie.
  5. The meltdown has continued this morning... https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump That last part was 18 minutes ago as of 7:12 est. Waiting for what "Will all of..." become.
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of underground passage between the buildings too, no need to go above ground except for the show.
  7. You can see the tension in the front row...
  8. I know, Scott Steadman and all, but he has some fun with redaction box sizes and a certain person... (sorry about formatting. Have not mastered the art of the Tweet-link) https://twitter.com/scottmstedman/status/1070150068735365120?s=21
  9. Yeah, CNN just showed him speaking to the gaggle.
  10. CIA briefing on MBS?
  11. No links yet, but Graham just lit into the theory MBS didn't know about the murder. Paraphrase, "Not a smoking gun, but a smoking bone saw".
  12. Your 2020 campaign slogan? MARA-(Lago?)
  13. That is actually a good question in terms of context. What is Donald oblivious to just off to his right that has everyone else excited?
  14. Semi OT to Mueller, but there is reporting that meetings with Turkey and South Korea have been canceled too?
  15. Multiple outlets: Donald - "Just because I'm running for president doesn't mean I can no longer do business"