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  1. Maybe it's this Bloomberg report? Bloomberg - Sater Eyed Trump Moscow Tower to Launder Cash, BTA Bank Says
  2. On mobile, so no link, but 3:45pm per NBC news.
  3. And they are grounded here in the US as well.
  4. Double ouch... 11:28 a.m: Judge Berman Jackson is now turning to the crimes that are in front of her to consider. “It is hard to overstate the number of lies, and the amount of fraud,” she says. Unlike what the defense suggests, she says that “This is not just a failure to comport to some pesky regulations.” She says he was “lying” to members of Congress and to the public by not disclosing his lobbying. “If the people don’t have the facts, democracy won’t work,” she says. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/paul-manafort-dc-sentencing-live-blog
  5. NYT - New York Attorney General Opens Investigation of Trump Projects
  6. The owner has no interest in politics for 10+ years, then suddenly in 2015 decides to "sell" the business, (to relatives), donate $45,000 to various Trump backed election committees, and starts showing up at events with all sorts of GOP members? And supposedly deletes her Facebook account today? Nothing fishy about that at all....
  7. CNN reporting, CNBC link, but Bill Shine out as comms director. Wonder if it has to do with that FOX story? CNBC - Bill Shine resigns from the White House to advise Trump's 2020 campaign
  8. "Unwittingly"... Spin because the QIA is about to be unsealed in that super-secret Mueller grand jury court appeals? The Independent - Qatar admits it unwittingly helped bail out Jared Kushner's skyscraper
  9. "He may be a crook, but he's our crook"?
  10. If Israel can do it, why can't the US? (Putting this here?) NBC News - Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on bribe and fraud charges
  11. True, but I'm sure the administration would have liked to have something to show for it rather than the cluster it ended up being.
  12. Well, this was one way to knock Cohen off the news cycle....
  13. Come on Dems... jump on Cohen bringing up being part of the RNC...
  14. Building a narrative for the Fox shows tonight?
  15. He was on TV almost every day in 2016 discussing the president?!?!