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I Don't Do Cover Ups

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  1. Well Greenland says this morning, it's not for sale. Womp WOmp.
  2. What a fuckin' deranged lunatic.
  3. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1161325870516264961
  4. Jesus Christ
  5. that's the problem, duh. He's a fucking idiot. Joking to the asshole that screwed with the elections and not taking it seriously, which he never has. This is not how you act presidential or even pretend to act like you give a fuck.
  6. But every time trump talks he sounds like a drunk meth riddled 9 year old, but it's trump so it's fine.
  7. I dated a miss targeted, what a bitch
  8. If you look up that tweet, there's one just below that says he did NOT say it. Surprisingly. It was kind of a well, he may as well say it type of thing. People were calling for him to delete, and apparently he just has, it's not available anymore.
  9. Once is a mistake maybe, but numerous times is just dumb. Singular-womAn plural- womEn
  10. Holy Christ. Dipshit had several of his aides and subordinates say on camera that he was calm and collected yesterday. If you have to have people under you say you're sane..you're not sane.
  11. Trump was pro choice is whole life till magically he changed a few years ago. He has probably paid women to have abortions that he got pregnant. Trump people couldn't care less about that.
  12. Missouri has been working on this junk for a while. I live close to St Louis. The governor is chomping at the bit to sign this thing if it gets through the house (it will). Just disgusting.
  13. Disgusting
  14. Honestly arresting the AG would send a message. They really need to that. (send a message) Show that they're sick of this shit and they're serious about getting to the bottom of everything.
  15. Maybe Trump should make better friends