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  1. Winner winner chicken dinner! Unders take the day!
  2. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/east-coast-braces-for-tighter-gas-supplies-with-key-refinery-set-to-close-permanently-2019-06-26?mod=mw_theo_homepage
  3. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/06/25/ice-chief-mark-morgan-fox-news-look-in-eyes-and-see-ms-13-gang-member-begala-sot-lead-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/ Expected CBP chief made racist comments about migrant kids He claims he can look at one of the underage immigrants in the concentration camps and tell if they are going to be a gang member or not....
  4. Trump says a war with Iran would not last long nor would it require any boots on the ground. Is he just planning on launching a nuclear strike on Iran and wiping it out? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/iran-war-trump-suggests-war-with-iran-wouldnt-last-very-long-today-2019-06-26/
  5. They are already doing this in small test areas in NYC. Like near Roosevelt Island. It is only 2.4 Gigawatts right now, but it seems to be working. They even rotate slowly enough that fish can swim right thru them without being harmed.
  6. Didn't get my bet in on time. Default under in play today.
  7. wTF happened today to send the markets plummeting?
  8. Very interesting video on the technology on removing CO2 from the atmosphere.
  9. Market all over the place today.
  10. Over Plus this https://www.marketwatch.com/story/were-already-in-recession-heres-what-to-do-says-economist-who-called-last-bubble-2019-06-25?mod=mw_theo_homepage
  11. Sounds about right. Even more so in the last couple of years since the business tax cut. Plus all those activist investors who only care about boosting their stock price, not about the long term health or well being of the company.
  12. I am not on a marketplace plan.
  13. Sure it is a game. Example go in for annual physical. As part of the physical your doctor does a standard EKG. Doctor sees an abnormality on it, refers you to a cardiologist. Insurance company now claims it isn't a annual physical, even though if you didn't get the test as part of your annual physical you wouldn't be referred to a different doctor. All one big game by insurance companies to screw over the consumer and line their own pockets.
  14. Disney is down 1.35 today because Toy Store 4 did not do as well as expected opening weekend, although it did bring in $118 million domestically. It was expected to bring in between 130-140 million in the US. The film cost 200 million to make and another 100 million was spent on marketing it. United Health group - 3.01. HD -3.57.
  15. People were saying that massive hyper-inflation was on the way after the last QE the fed did, nothing happened. But obviously the fed does have a worry about inflation coming back, which is why they are hesitant to lower rates like Trump wants, and are trying to sell down their balance sheet. I do think it is funny that Trump is claiming that the head of the Euro is manipulating the currency with their policies, when he is trying to strong arm the Fed into manipulating the US Dollar.