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  1. It's not that hard to do - one costco trip for 300, probably biweekly trips to Traders/Whole Foods for ~150-200 each, ordering in (probably 6x per month at around 40 per), eating out (probably 8x/month, counting all meals, for around 600 total)... Add in cost of lunch at work in NYC and random ice cream/coffee runs and we're at like 3K easy. Wife buys everything organic and my 5 year old and 2 yo can eat and eat. Beer/wine/entertaining adds more, especially in the summer.
  2. Lol @ people arguing it wasn't yankstain - plain as day
  3. I'd bet my 401K that you're yankstain
  4. His margins were pretty thin, but so were many dem margins last night. If they run a milquetoast candidate like Kerry or a flat intellectual like Clinton (with baggage), they'll get trounced. They need someone relatable with star power.
  5. For every person that finds him repulsive, there is someone hanging on every word. Like so many, I was shell shocked after he won and hadn’t thought it possible: Now I’d be surprised if he didn’t get another term - he is a master of saying whatever it takes to fire people up.
  6. Sadly, Trump is a solid favorite. He's horrible but is a truly gifted campaigner - and is irresistible to those who lack critical thinking skills.
  7. Racism is cloaked in the polls
  8. People don't turn out do seasoned, especially dems
  9. Yeah, forecast of 8-12, you mix with sleet early and get dry slotted with a slushy 3" on the ground... but you overperform in the cold sector and grab 9
  10. Mikie Sherrill!!! My district!
  11. Not nearly as dumb as ^^^ this poster