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Rent Free

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  1. Bitcoin is where it’s at.
  2. Damn Iran killing the house today.
  3. Let’s go Dow O/U +162. MSFT and BA and of course Powell has got this.
  4. I agree we haven’t peaked just yet but we are getting close to the 8th inning in baseball terms. Btw I don’t call out people in here. You have made some good micro calls on companies and congrats on your gains. I just don’t want to see your micro gains go away bc of a macro call.
  5. I’m not trying to call you out. I just want you to be careful. I’ve been burned many times before and I hope others learn from my pain.
  6. Search for yield is yuge.
  7. Not sure how long you have been managing money but two things I would tell you from a guy that’s been doing it a while. It’s never different this time and when you think you are smarter than the market it will slap you across the face. Btw this is how a bubble sucks you in when you don’t see it.
  8. It’s different this time?
  9. Btw the pressure is external not internal. Hence a swallow or mild recession. It’s already been priced in with the Q4 pullback.
  10. Truck sales are rolling over and the yield curve is telling me. 90% of truck sales is blue collar and they are feeling the pressure.
  11. Big downturn? No. Run of the mill recession sure. That’s come Q12020. It’s been a while since a normal recession.
  12. Now the market has a 71% chance of a 50 bps cut in July. That would be a bold cut that imho spook the market bc what does the Fed know to do that big of a cut.
  13. Earnings. Also NY fed president just released the doves.
  14. Powell’s got this. No worries at all. The dollar dollar bill cannon is locked and loaded and ready to fire.
  15. They are trying to make her the face of the dem party.
  16. Told you. Imho she’s the only one who can beat trump.
  17. Agreed. I see 25bps cut (not the 50 some are calling for) but I do see them stopping QT 1 month early. Market is still pricing in 75 bps of cuts this year.
  18. Let’s go Dow o/u -57.
  19. If you remove the cap on SSI tax do you also remove the max benefit as well?
  20. It’s not kept in a lock box?
  21. You hold Obama’s AG in contempt, I’ll see you your AG and raise you a commerce secretary.
  22. CSX took out rail. Bad numbers and bad guidance. Oh and Netflix lost US subs and down 11%
  23. So much for that short squeeze in transports yesterday. What a blood bath there.
  24. Let’s go pick’em today. Be long or be wrong. Good luck to all the players.
  25. Remember when we were told Pelosi knows the rules. Well apparently not https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-floor-fight-pelosi-collins-condemn-trump-tweets