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  1. She is toast it looks like. Does the populist movement continue in Germany?
  2. Congrats. Feel free to make fun of @Cold Rain for his loss.
  3. Not looking good for Stebo today. Maybe a Trump story will back off the market 50+ points into the close
  4. GDP now at the atl fed is 4.7%. New York Fed nowcast is 2.98%. Just a rounding error I’m sure.
  5. The GOAT time zone (aka EST)
  6. Line time. We need all bets in by 9:29:59. Dow O/U +132. Stebo we already have your under call. Good luck to all the players
  7. You can buy AR’s extremely cheap right now. Thanks Obama
  8. All bets must be placed prior to 9:30. Thanks for playing though
  9. CR since we are legends in our own minds let’s go Dow O/U +72
  10. Here we go @user14
  11. The party reference was to a movie. I have not seen many post about it prior to Trump but hey I’ll give y’all the benefit of the doubt. I’m just happy it seems things may get better but we will see.
  12. Some posters lol so easily triggered by a 2 sentence post lol
  13. @Stebo I’m here. What I was referring to is most on here didn’t seem to care about this for the last 20 years until Trump won. I think it’s horrible what our government does to immigrants. I also think it’s horrible out government throws so many in jail for drug charges and break up families that way. That mostly impacts African American families and the poor.
  14. In case you missed it like most, s and p made communications its own sector and it has Fb and NFLX and such in it from technology