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  1. Let’s go Dow O/U +82. China trade headlines is more powerful than bad Econ data
  2. But I was promised Russian blood. Nothing about obstruction
  3. Doesn’t matter. House sweeps the day again.
  4. Let’s go Dow o/u +42. Be long or be wrong.
  5. House sweeps the day.
  6. What’s the purpose of a well visit? If everything is great why even bother. On another note this dry needling on my shoulder is amazing
  7. Seems like more banks are seeing 50 bps cut at July meeting. Morgan Stanley just came out with that over the weekend and Barclays has been there.
  8. The fed actually put out a white paper saying it didn’t work, but they think it will next time though.
  9. You are the only person who likes this current insurance setup. I mean the only one.
  10. We are heading to caesars head SC. Will be hitting DuPont forest a good but for hikes and such.
  11. To show how messed up insurance is again. I went to the doc for my annual physical, which is suppose to be covered by insurance 100%. Well because I got a referral for physical therapy on my shoulder it became a sick visit and I had a co pay. It wasn’t much but I called the doctor’s office to complain and they said that’s the rules.
  12. I’ll be in the mountains as well Wednesday until Sunday. Which parts are you going to?
  13. Let’s go Dow O/U +52. Be long or be wrong.