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  1. Durable goods smoking. 3.1% increase vs 1.6% expected.
  2. Lol you think CR is a short seller or speculator? I am all of the above and laugh all the way to the bank
  3. Time to start the coffee PPT.
  4. I’m laughing bc back in January people were saying the fed need to slow the market.
  5. Dollar swap lines better be opening up soon at the Fed.
  6. BTFD’ers are back? I mean interest rates up. Bad interest rates down. Bad. I miss the good ole days when we just went up
  7. I have a feeling there are banks in Europe that have bigly problems. Let’s see if see if the CB’s can step in again.
  8. Look at the yield curve collapse
  9. He signed an affidavit saying no lawsuits were pending when the order was signed to destroy them even though there were 3. They have other election paper ballots going back 8 years. It’s just BS.
  10. Thanks for the response. Actually under federal law he should go to jail from what I understand.
  11. The video was in regards to potential voter fraud in the US. I know Randy has a lot of knowledge around voting hence the question to him. People were also saying the Russian election was a fraud, which is probably was, but just pointing out we have questions here too
  12. I understand. What DWS opponent asked for was to inspect the paper ballots in the primary bc some people notice irregularities in the vote at a precinct level. They at first said ok then said nope can’t look at them. The opponent among others sued for them under Florida sunshine laws. The person who oversaw the election then had the ballots destroyed, which was against federal and state law.
  13. I would really like your thoughts on this if you have time.
  14. I’m not surprised sadly. In South Carolina interracial marriages where against the law per the constitution until 2001. The vote in South Carolina to repeal that section of the constitution was 59-41. Even if 10% were confused by the question how in the hell is there that many people against this?
  15. Morgan Stanley said last night we have now seen the highs of the year. They are saying higher rates ahead which will bring the market down as well. Armstrong disagrees but he is all over the map. One thing you are not seeing BTFD’ers coming into this market.