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  1. We in effect have a dictator and complicit political party who no longer care about the constitution
  2. He just wears orange hair
  3. Kyle Griffith tweet Schiff: "I believe that there is an effort to prevent this information getting to Congress. And if the assertion is accurate ... then at one level or another, it likely involves either the president or people around him." Via CBS
  4. Remember that iceman is using incandescent light bulbs because he's outraged over the environment
  5. Cold got to be! sheeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  6. Hey, Trump made a shady phone call to some foreign leader. <crickets> Trudeau(who isn’t even our president) is in brownface and did a shitty thing possibly more than once The GOP
  7. But the only thing you care to comment on, EVER, is the dems. Never Trump. Even now you just punt that its "been covered extensively" Fuck off with your one sided bullshit of only the dems are awful. Didn't take you long to go back to your typical role of all things Dem are bad but silent as fuck on the GOP stuff.
  8. If only Phin cared about the lies Trump has told. Its only the dems tho that are bad when lying
  9. Make a deal with y'all. I'll call Trudeau a racist when all you Trumpers call Trump a racist. And stop supporting him
  10. Its fine. It was a promise for free hotel rooms at Mar-a-Lago
  11. Unless it’s about abortion. Then it’s state rights. But who cares about states rights for blue states
  12. An elected official is the same as a person posting on a back water political board. Exactly the same
  13. Guess you are privy to all the messages she receives. I’m sure she is totally off base. Good call
  14. I like how this bothers you still