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  1. The fact that I bother you that much should say something about you than it does me for sticking up for my friends. The fact that you also agree that mappy shouldn’t get the sexist shit she does means that you agree with me sticking up for...wait for it...a friend. You and I will never be friends. Ever. But I can tell right from wrong and when I fucked up once for bringing your wife into it I apologized and stopped. And if someone did it I’d go after them. I didn’t like what mitchnick did and I said so cause that was wrong. Whatever. You will do you and I will do what you seem to get triggered over
  2. This is fantastic. One of the pay cable channels(HBO, Showtime) I think had a doc about this case and after watching and reading about it I could only hope it was overturned. A gross miscarriage of justice by a racist DA
  3. Nope. Ohleary is a shitter too. There is a long history of ohleary saying shit to mappy. He loved saying sexist remarks to her that he thought were compliments or terms of endearments. Then a comment about her dad. Now this. Fuck him
  4. Mappy is a good person, friend, mother and wife. She doesn't deserve the shit she gets from some of y'all and its mainly because you all use her to get to me cause you shits don't like that her and i are friends. She sticks up for her friends and doesn't tolerate the bullshit some of you spout off here. Clearly some have problems with that. Opinionated women must be dismantled and disparaged in every way, shape or form!!! I'm proud to call her my friend and will not sit idly by while people say crap about her like some do.
  5. Look, dumbass. You've gone from bragging about condemning to "liking" a suck ass apology post to saying you didn't "parse" the post well enough to now saying the ban should be longer. Make up your fucking mind. This is your biggest flaw. you assume that people are good when they really aren't. Ohleary has said fucked up stuff to mappy multiple times. Woohoo you called out his post. Everyone except Phineas did too. That should fucking tell you something that Ohleary doesn't get to have benefits of the doubt anymore. Next time read the shit he says when he says he's sorry. Cause he really isn't. None of them are. So stop with the bullshit and don't act like you know better than everyone else on how to run things.
  6. These people never learn. Both will come back and be douches
  7. I don’t care. Fuck CP and ohleary. Shit ass people anyways
  8. Well that sure taught ohleary. JFC. Mappy has every right to be pissed even with that “apology”. He’s only sorry IF you got upset. Fuck you, ohleary. This isn’t the first time you’ve said fucked up shit to mappy and others.
  9. Yes. Nuke everyone. Murder millions. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!! fucking idiot you are
  10. Trump with Iran. Trump being Bugs, of course
  11. There's a reason Iran has become a major nuisance. We took out Iraq as the regional check on Irans power grabbing ability. We directly helped destabilize the ME with Dubya's vendetta against Saddam. The US attacking Iran openly is the dumbest thing we could do right now.
  12. You made repeated posts that Iran jammed our Navy. Now it’s something else. JFC you are so fucking disingenuous
  13. Who cares? Do you miss a zit on the inside of your nose that makes it hurt to breathe?