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  1. Hes not trolling He has been posting about these 3 for a while on other forums.
  2. I know He thinks the dems are sabotaging his presidency which seems likely at this point.
  3. Trump getting impeached Stock market crashing Going to war And alot more Just give Phin credit. You always give Trixie credit but the bullshit she writes.
  4. I doubt Trump meant what he said. Hes not stupid. Why do Democrats take everything out of context ? Its sad
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Teach me more please.
  6. People are taking this out of hand. I think what he means is that the dems are trying every way possible to impeach him without any reasoning.
  7. Actually, he has been more right than wrong . He is doing a better job than most people on here. Give him credit