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  1. yay wall street
  2. We should start pushing conspiracy theories that Trump is actually working to help immigrants and supports social safety nets.
  3. Why would anyone still think that they care if the left calls them racists? It's a fucking badge of honor to them.
  4. Another perspective would be that he needs to not be the frontrunner.
  5. Buttegeig has a bright future in politics, no doubt. Could definitely see him as anyone's VP pick. Biden could have discussed the actual issues that busing presents for white families who don't want to send their children to underfunded schools any more than black families do, and he could have pointed to the way public education is funded in large part by local taxes and not solely at the federal or state level as the real underlying issue - but no, he fell flat on his face by defaulting to the states rights argument, which is pretty much conservative code speak for their agenda of eroding civil liberties. And his comment praising the civility of someone who publicly called for the eradication of black people simply speaks for itself. The whole exchange could have played very differently without Kamala changing a thing, if it weren't for Biden being who he is.
  6. The one area I thought Biden did better than most on was gun control though. I would like to see other candidates start pushing harder for smart gun technology.
  7. Biden prepped with his stump points. What he was unable to do was adequately defend his questionable record against informed attacks. And the reason he was unable to defend himself is because some of his positions are indefensible.
  8. The difference between earned and cheated is only a matter of the rules of the playing field. And in a race where some of the runners get to start halfway to the finish line, it is valid to challenge whether their victory is "earned".
  9. Who, forky? He will vote for Biden and then just tell everyone he stayed home.
  10. I think we are in good agreement - the one thing I would respond with is that I'm not concerned that any candidates might need to take some backlash from the left wing during the general election campaign in order to win. I sincerely believe that the people who stayed home in 2016 because Hillary was too establishment or too corporate have learned their lesson of what happens when they do so.
  11. Thank you for reading it.
  12. To conservatives and probably to most independents, all of the Democratic candidates sounds pretty much the same right now. Individual policy nuances will be blurred and forgotten. The only people who care about that stuff right now are people who will be voting for whoever the Democrats nominate without a second thought.
  13. I don't think it's as a big a liability in the general as you are making it out to be. They will be the only voice of Democratic party, they simply need to speak to border security in the present and point to the fact they never said they were against border security. Then talk about border security a few more times. Recency is extremely powerful, just ask Trump.
  14. I do think there is a problem with the way the party is framing the issue, but I also think that it is a function of primary season and not general election season. I wouldn't support unrestricted open borders, and I don't know of any candidates that do either. Border security is absolutely important and immigration needs to be done through a controlled process, and we need a path forward that deals with the people that are already here but also deals with how people come into the country. I do find myself nodding in agreement with the argument that Democrats are focusing a little too much on helping people that can't vote. I'm not saying I disapprove of their policies to help these people, not at all - but yeah, our whole argument against Trump for the last three years is that he is making it a bigger issue than it really is, so maybe we shouldn't devote quite so much talking time to it as we did during the first debates.
  15. Thanks for clarifying, I guess I'm back to the drawing board then.