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  1. why would you think anyone would want to hear this?
  2. Why? Trump already rendered his verdict on twitter.
  3. So Flynn was helping Mueller out in the wikileaks investigation. I guess that explains the seemingly excess usage of the word "charged" and the specificity of "Russian official" in this sentence: "As described in Volume I, the evidence uncovered in the investigation did not establish that the President or those close to him were involved in the charged Russian computer-hacking or active-measure conspiracies, or that the President otherwise had an unlawful relationship with any Russian official." What did the mueller report say about wikileaks and the Trump campaign's contacts and knowledge of what they were doing? Oh yeah: ██████████████████████████████████████████
  4. That's true, but I guess I dont feel great about the argument that because it is vulnerable and needs its mother, that's an excuse to say its life doesnt matter. I would think a better gauge would be the ability to feel pain. But again, science really isn't good enough to know for certain whether a fetus can suffer, and when.
  5. And as a parent I'm sure you know full well that it is that way for quite some time after birth. Sometimes for decades.
  6. Of course its not your body, it's got its own DNA distinct from yours, it has its own organs - but you would say that while pregnant, you have an extra 23 sets of chromosomes, two brains, two hearts, quite possibly a completely different set of reproductive organs than you... You would look at an ultrasound and say, "look at me sucking my third thumb with my second mouth." That's ridiculous.
  7. Where in the constitution does it say you can do that?
  8. Yeah, but that's not the law.
  9. When did I say I didn't like that? You have done an awful lot of assuming what you think I mean without actually trying to understand what I am saying.
  10. A person in a coma can't make a legal decision . A developmentally delayed person can't always make well-informed legal decisions. An infant can't make legal decisions. I don't see how the ability to make a legal decision should be a factor.
  11. Actually I did say that, but I'm not intending to troll. I'm intending to point out the logical fallacy of saying an unborn human being has no rights solely because it is unborn. That is my only point with that.
  12. I never said that.
  13. Please explain why you disagree with the use of the analogy.
  14. No, I'm trying to have a discussion about what should be legal, and not about what is legal. You know, because this whole discussion was instigated by new laws being passed and the inevitable challenge of Roe v Wade.
  15. I didn't suggest they could. I said that it follows the logical argument that it is ok to terminate a life in the event that two lives have conflicting priorities if one of those lives doesn't have the capacity to make decisions.