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  1. I bet ag3vanka is also against financial regulation.
  2. Can you reference some research that shows this? Seriously asking. In other words: "'Wall Street' has the capability and desire to manipulate global markets in order to achieve a politically favorable outcome for its stakeholders."
  3. For some reason, you are reminding me of the fact that I was thinking about Trump's presidency in general this morning. I was able to come up with one and only one way that a rational, even modestly-informed person could support Trump - rational meaning at least defensible at the surface layer. And that is if he is simply the tool to destroy the federal government as we know it. The belief that while Trump is breaking every rule, norm and establishment of D.C. politics, that those rules and norms need to be broken. That as bad as what Trump has done to the Kurds in Syria, what is far worse is what "normal" political environments have allowed both neoliberal and neoconservative governments to do with respect to the global military industrial complex and the colonial conquests of American foreign policy. That even though Putin and other dictators may want the U.S. to withdraw from foreign politics and military interventionism in order to further their own perceived interests, that it is at the same time actually in America's interest to do so, and at Putin et al.'s peril to mirror our failed foreign policy strategy that will ultimately result in their own decline and eventual downfall. That, when it comes down to it, Trump is simply the hammer to break, by any means necessary, a system that is designed to fail us. Because it is clear that he is attempting to destroy the institutions that have built and allowed for the United States as we and the rest of the world currently know it, and he is doing it openly. But - I don't see any rational way that someone could support Trump personally, to believe that Trump's presidency is a good thing within the foundations of our political system and our current role on the world stage. Nobody can sabotage the presidency of a president who does not wish to be president.
  4. Start a thread, post some links and analysis.
  5. Trumpers would prefer you don't bring that up.
  6. Hurricane is right, it is just a distraction from today's testimony. Trump knows this part well.
  7. Did Phin just mock Randy for taking the use of the word "lynching" personally?
  8. Mitt is a good example of how damaging the far right has been to normal human beings.
  9. www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/trump-still-lies-about-very-fine-people-in-charlottesville
  10. I know what he SAID. The fact is that the existence of significant numbers of ("many") people just there to protest taking down the statue is a myth. A falsehood. A LIE. And you fell for it, because Trump told you to.