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  1. my state rep and senator would likely support this
  2. my second was unplanned and we never wanted two
  3. congrats on finally moving out
  4. lol /thread
  5. @Fozz in all seriousness check out this place when you are considering your honeymoon it should be open in 2020. https://passportandplates.com/muslim-travel/grand-medina-halal-resort-caribbean/
  6. I agree. mdecoy pisses in bottles and phineas has women issues. I’m clearly the go to on this type of stuff . PM me and I’m more than happy to provide you guidance .
  7. i sleep on my couch a few nights a week as well it’s a nice feeling
  8. but you were a grown ass man who got “fed up” over what another grown man did i thought stebo was the most easily trolled all these years . i was wrong
  9. lol even my wife isn’t “fed up” that I go to strip clubs.
  10. chuck calling out congress saying they have to do their constitutional duty they better get on that
  11. im convinced that fast times at ridgemont high has helped people think that abortions are primarily done to get rid of unwanted pregnancies
  12. what a way to spend an afternoon