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  1. bad news was a legit bad ass he deserved a bigger push than he got
  2. Rowdy Roddy Piper
  3. agree there are no AMS conferences in Canada
  4. it didn’t go very well for the Democrats today with the hearing. dog and pony show
  5. Nadler doesn’t have much control in this lewandowski hearing
  6. wait and see
  7. probably another hiatus on the way
  8. jongers marital issues brought trixie back which in turn brings back phineas
  9. yes because thats exactly what I said happened to me
  10. I agree these searches are invasive. border and customs agents have become noticeably more aggresive in their line of questioning when returning back to the country over the last several years. i have had my phone “looked” at in May of this year. i also don’t take the bait when they ask me if I have been hanging out with undesireable people.
  11. keep us posted on the impeachment