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  1. yep. you wanna start a wacky uncle bernie thread?
  2. What Trump got right and wrong about his new border barrier After two and a half years, the U.S. border wall hasn't grown. It's just been fixed up. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/what-trump-got-right-wrong-about-his-new-border-barrier-n1056156 lol, the big, beautiful (possibly invisible) wall of trump is never getting built. it was a good campaign promise- or lie- and the good thing is he can continue to use it because bis cultists will keep believing.
  3. he also has(had) a black friend. "oh, look at my african american over there!!' that dude left the cult.
  4. did he actually do that? he has an (R) next to his name, so fundamentally, he cannot be a friend to the LGBT community. yeah in one or two of his incoherent word salad 'streams of consciousness' he may have given that impression. like most of the shit he says, it meant absolutely nothing.
  5. cultists.
  6. in contrast, what a few others said about Roberts(notice the "subtle" difference): https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/17/politics/donald-trump-cokie-roberts-death/index.html
  7. this is the best you get from trump. it always has to be about him. he could have left out the 'qualifier', but he is nothing if not a self serving. classless turd.
  8. he may be ugly, but he's dumb.
  9. PMing with jonger must be really gross.
  10. ^lo fucking l. keep those jongerfacts coming.
  11. lol at the "side note". jonger announces he had actual contact with one person who is not white and/or straight.
  12. the gun confiscation talk isn't going to help move the needle on the gun issue, and the right, specifically trump, will use this to again push the narrative that if any dem is elected they are taking all your guns away.
  13. no idea what he was on about, or what his intent was. doubt he even knows. he sounds archaic much of the time. the end result- how it came across to black folks- was absolutely terrible. he needs to work a lot harder here.
  14. love my imperial stouts. thats a good one. i am partial to DFH tho- the ultimate alpha imperial stout is their WWS. its hugggge. 18%. true sipper that will knock you on ya ass. lots of complexity. try one if you haven't yet. (one is about 9 bucks)
  15. british friend got me drinking that stuff a few times. i liked it. also tried the DFH gin, which is local, and liked that too. tasted 'higher end' to me. fairly pricey stuff tho.