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  1. i have a computer science degree, but i am not sure that makes me a scientist. i use high math proficiently, but does that make me a mathematician? dunno. doubt it. is there a formal, universally accepted definition for scientist?
  2. yeah, and they still have to be dealt with. doesn't seem like trump has much of a clue, let alone an actual plan though. maybe the end game should have included a path forward beyond just pulling out of the iran deal developed by the obama administration. ofc getting out of that deal was paramount, because well, it had obama's name on it. maybe bolton has a plan.
  3. wonder what trump's "better" iran deal might look like? probably not so different from obama's, from the looks of it. or maybe war, perhaps.
  4. he must have refined his move as he got older. that was pretty lame for a self entitled rich fuck who can have his way with any woman he chooses.
  5. imagine bragging that your approval rating is approaching 50%!!! for the first time in the history of your presidency, but it really hasn't because its fake newz. lol trump so pathetic.
  6. yeah, its pretty hard to believe they didn't know he was a xenophobic/racist asshole. not like there weren't many examples over a decade or more. much more likely this is an indication of just how many overt/tacit racists there are in this country. if they voted for him then, they likely will again.
  7. ron paul!
  8. if trump's lips are moving, he is lying. in this case he managed to tell a lie about his lips moving when they weren't. or maybe he actually was 'speaking very quickly', so quickly it was not perceptible by the human eye. yeah, that's it.
  9. not out of the question both trump and clinton could be on 'the list'. both sexual predators and seems they may have hung out some back in the day. remember trump once defended bill and dismissed his accusers.
  10. i suppose this is possible. he is definitely an asshole. but for someone who isn't a racist, there sure are a bunch of examples going back many years to point to where he has explicitly given that impression. that's sort of odd to me. if nothing else(esp in the last few years) he has used race as a strategy/tool to trigger fear among a subset of conservative white folks over changing demographics/economic concerns. not sure how that's much better than being an "actual" racist.
  11. yeah the way he operates/behaves is pretty ass simple. he is the antithesis of a "stable genius".
  12. his approval has been at 41-42% for about the last 6 months on 538.
  13. no big deal. add it to the list. it's been clear for a long time he likes young girls. he defended roy moore. his supporters don't care about any of this, nor do the spineless congressional republicans.