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    Racism definitely can play both ways...but the biggest problem with racism in the US is that a large portion of the population doesn't believe that institutional racism even exists or severely downplays it. That's why it is considered worse when it is a white slurring racist remarks at blacks. Since we both post in the economic thread a lot, I'll go down that road...and it's a good one for everyone else to read about too who may not be up to speed on the gory details. Blacks have an average disadvantage of net worth by about 90%(!!!) on whites and a huge majority of the gap is due to the devastating effects of not owning land or homes for several generations...the after-effects of slavery still live strong today economically and that hurts a lot. Especially for a country like America which tries to operate or present itself as the ultimate meritocracy. But we fall well short still. Much more of this disparity in wealth could have been wiped out though than actually has been, and the institutional racism is the reason it hasn't...Jim Crow laws being the obvious examples. But you can also look back to the New Deal and the GI home program after WW2. They were seen as these great government programs, but they were deliberately designed to be favorable to whites to get support from the southern bloc. That was devastating for blacks trying to overcome the already-built-in disadvantage they had coming out of reconstruction. So while all the white GIs were getting affordable mortgages in the suburban rush of the 1950s, blacks were mostly left out. Then, even after the civil rights movements of the 60s, you still had Red-Lining which basically left predominately black neighborhoods with no source of credit, so they couldn't buy homes and builders couldn't get funding for nicer homes. These neighborhoods turned into slums being neglected by any meaningful money and businesses. The schools suffered, crime goes up, families break apart easier, and the kids have way less chance at even graduating high school, nevermind college. Economically, this is disastrous, and the seeds are planted for this path long before they are born. It's disastrous too in other ways (much higher percentage chance at being involved in violent crime). Then yet again, just as blacks are finally starting to gain some ground again during the mid and late 1990s economic boom, the racists find another opportunity to knock them down...predator loans. The Red-line districts turned from a place not to give credit into a place to prey upon those who wanted to move up the socioeconomic ladder. We all know what happened next...the Great Recession and mortgage meltdown disproportionately crushed blacks and Hispanics. Yet, despite this absolute mountain of empirical evidence, so many still shrug off the idea that institutional racism exists. It is the job of us in our society to pound it into the skulls of the ignorant. If we have to accept that racist remarks toward white people arent as bad as they are toward blacks as one way to transmit that message, then so be it. Yes, it is not preferred...any racist remark is going to ignite resentment. But the ignorance...much of it willful...of the institutional racism in this country that just hammers down the black population on the socioeconomic ladder is far far worse.
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    You know what, fuck this. These type of posts happen over and over and over. Enough of this. Yes, this place is mostly a free-for-all but this is the type of post that doesn't belong here at all...ever. It's like this place wasn't gross enough with the way we treat each other. Next time ANYONE insinuates that another member is a pedo they're gone. Think before you press "submit reply".
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    I'm bumping this, because I think this needs to be a serious discussion. Phin's comment that got him suspended, was pretty benign, I will admit it and it was directed to me. However, when its done repetitively. To all the women (all four of us) that post here, you would think, eventually, something needs to be done to say "hey, we don't like this". Which, I assume is what Rjay had in mind when he gave Phin the timeout. So, here is where I have a problem. Lookout, you are a moderator. While I get that this is an off-topic political forum, that spun off a weather forum... that is pretty tiny in the broad scheme of things. You were chosen by Randy, to moderate this place. Americanwx too. And that you can't be objective enough to see repetitive sexist remarks do deserve a time out, is quite frankly disappointing. It speaks volumes of who you are as a person. I can handle dissent, being challenged, and opinions that differ than my own. In fact, I think I am probably pretty damn good at rebutting peoples posts, fighting back when necessary and don't run away crying about being trolled for something. So I find it pretty funny that you would write such a general statement about "people" not being handle such things when, we people, handle it just fine. I wish Phin would come back. He is leaps and bounds better than most right leaning posters here. Even with his sexist remarks. But it doesn't dismiss what was said, over and over again. Which was the point of his suspension. I hope Randy will reconsider having you on as a moderator here. You aren't objective at all, and while it is just a dumb political forum, it reflects poorly overall.
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    I don't even have kids and the stories of the children in foster homes crying over their parents, of parents being told their children are going for baths and then they never return, and stories of little kids inconsolably sobbing when they are separated from their parents has brought me to tears several times. all of these gross monstrosities are being committed for one reason only: to shore up support for this downward spiraling administration among the human garbage who still support it. none of these actions are victories for anyone: they are human rights violations, they are violations of international law, and they are black marks against us as a nation. but as much as it incites human trash like you to wallow in your racism, these activities will fail. decent people and the rule of law will take back this country and we will repair everything you assholes broke. this nation will go back to what it was, but we'll be wiser next time now that we know what some of our fellow citizens are capable of and who they really are. and the final victory will be ours. the drumpf human trash will be marginalized in this nation. you'll only be the butt of jokes and you'll never escape the stink that drumpf has put upon you.
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    So dumb. Patriotic would actually be not infringing on their free expression of their beliefs. Idiots think that forcing people to stand for a song against their will is patriotic.
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    a career criminal commits treason to win an election lol whatever brown people cross the border and work shitty jobs OMG THEY BROKE THE LAW
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    Remember when wingers here blew a gasket when Obama grew to 9 feet tall and bowed to the Saudi king?
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    white people didn't like the civil rights movement when it was going on. there is no such thing as an acceptable form of black protest in this country
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    Happy memorial day! Confederate soldiers would be so happy if they knew all I was doing for the fine white supremacists!
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    That's because you were throwing around your opinions and judgments in the rest of the post I responded too. It became a free speech issue when the right started using veterans, a group to which I belong, as a reason to be against protesting by kneeling during the anthem. That is complete and total bullshit. Veteran's opinions and positions are as varied as any other large group of people. I can tell you one thing though. I never heard a soldier say, "I'm over here fighting to make sure everyone stands during the national anthem.
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    Your best post ever.
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    April 4th: On this day, MLK was shot and killed in Memphis. Let us remember his sacrifice. Also, you'll find no lower prices than at Legette's Mattress Emporium! 30% off all Mattress and Frame sets! MLK would be proud that a black man owns his own Mattress Store! My sales are up 25%, opened up a second store! Let us remember MLK.
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    Fuck this place though.
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    pro tip: if you dont want people thinking you are something in real life, then don't act that way online.
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    If you were aware of the time period that the photo was taken, then it's a little disingenuous to post that in here, in that context. Righties and Trumpies are are doing enough fucked-up things, they don't need the additional ammo of embellishment.
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    I put together a compilation of the dumbest things metfan has ever said here
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    If nothing else, it would help deal with the pain of his presidency.
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    get over yourself.. jesus, your dad bought you a fish truck and you do ok with it. You commenting on ceo pay based on that experience is like you thinking you know something about NBA basketball based on getting embarrassed at the park and rec game.
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    They are paid that much because the CEO world is run like a cartel. Their salary is determined by board of directors and guess who the CEO stacks on their board of directors? Other CEOs, former CEOs or almost-CEOs. It is in their best interest to keep compensation through the roof since their own salaries are determined by their peers.
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    Agreed, because the connotation of “cracker” brings up the painful past when your people were branded like animals and forced to work against their will. Who were the blacks that owned your family in 1835?
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    Do you ever go more "then" 3 or 4 seconds without proving what an absolute human piece of shit you are? Look at the white male try to tell me what I should think about racism and how he's annoyed by it. I don't give a fuck how annoyed you are, especially as someone who has zero idea about it. Fuck you.
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    In my early 20's I found her show to be the glorification of ignorant and trashy white people. In my early 50's, my opinion is the same. Didn't watch it then. Won't watch it now.
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    Win for privacy rights today. 5-4 with Roberts siding with the Liberal Justices and a loss for the Justice Dept. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/22/politics/supreme-court-ruling-cell-phone/index.html?adkey=bn http://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2018/images/06/22/16-402_h315.pdf
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    You need to wake the fuck up and realize that this is not a Democratic vs Republican problem. This is not a liberal vs conservative problem. Not a lefty vs righty problem. This is a decency vs evil problem.
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    The only reason his chances are creeping higher is the event is getting closer. Kind of like the NWS with its precipitation probabilities. You can't seriously think his numbers are good.
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    posts shitty teen band omg guys this is life changing music
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    Second to seeing Trump going down in flames is my desire to see Hannity completely decimated.
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    The "president" is throwing a hissy fit because some players aren't fawning over him, and he doesn't want to give the impression that there's actually people out there that don't worship him. That's what this is all about.
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    We think of them while sitting in a pizzeria where absolutely nothing is going on in the basement.
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    This is a crock and you know it. Phin was the one who got Phin booted. Why is personal responsibility for one's actions so hard for some righties to accept?
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    This is funny as fuck. Wanna rethink this post given your own history in calling for backup.
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    If parishioners are dumb enough to donate to him he deserves it
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    sucks to align yourself with terrible people, no?
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    Tim Allen wasn't and isn't funny.
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    Yes, you righties are victims. The suspensions any of you guys receive is bc we mods cant be objective at all. Or maybe, just maybe some of your buddies say some really dumb shit that's against the rules. You liked Lookout's post the other day in which he talked about Phin's suspension being bs. So it seems like you're totally cool with making fun of a sexual assault victim and being so sexist towards another memeber that she wanted to leave the board. Do I have that right?
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    We aren't "giddy" because the talks failed, we are laughing at everyone who thought a two-bit washed-up reality TV show "host" with zero political experience was going to waltz in and solve a problem in a few months that has stymied the most experienced diplomats in the world for the past 20+ years.
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    Look, I get your argument from yesterday that talking about politics, etc, with clients while on the job is wrong. I would never do it either, honestly that is common sense. And I get that the NFL is a business, I do. But for fucks sakes. None of this was a problem until our idiot in chief stuck his nose where it didn't fucking belong and decided to call out Kap during a rally. It's exploded from there. Saying these players are being disrespectful is bullshit. Saying they aren't patriots to this country is bullshit. Now we have our idiot president suggesting they should leave our country because they kneel!? We are not an authoritarian country. Once patriotism becomes forced or coerced, it's no longer patriotism.