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    You might be right....you seem shallow enough that if you are still pulling some decent bank from your business after the divorce, I could totally see a pretty hot cougar playing you for what remaining money you have left.
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    Right. My target was the Polish people. The target of my post was Trump who, as almost every liberal on AmPol has pointed out many times, has Fascist tendencies. You don't keep things from happening again by ignoring the fact they happened previously.
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    Well, as I expected my son reacted on Twitter. John D. Burns @johnburnsnc As a natural-born American citizen born on an Army base in Germany because my father volunteered to serve while Trump faked bone spurs and hid in grad school, I will just say that draft-dodging, non-serving, anti-American can kiss my completely American ass.
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    These are some of the dumbest posts I've ever read on this forum.
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    not sure it matters if anyone is sick. if department policy is not to use a choke hold, then you don't fucking use a choke hold.
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    Are you really that fucking dense? Not one person here has sang Bolton’s praises or waxed poetic about him. The issues is how this and other national security issues are handled. It’s a fucking shit show and when the fucking looniest of the wingnuts is fired because he isn’t batshit crazy enough, then it is very troubling. Even more than the elevated level of troubling that’s become the norm.
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    i hope she loses all the weight, cleans his account out and is happier with someone else.
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    How can a nobody with a self proclaimed alpha sensibility think making a reply on a discussion board is riled? Wait until your wife gets a hold of your ass in court. Then you’ll know riled for real.
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    Yup. Now imagine a gun is a vagina or education. Mind blown.
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    Bolton can fucking die tomorrow and I won’t shed a tear. I’m not pissed he got fired. Fuck him it’s the chaos. The unending chaos of this admin that’s the bigger threat. Bolton is gone over the Taliban thing. Period. It showed he didn’t express fealty to Trump. That offends him. An infant as president is far worse than what shitty policy Bolton tried to get done
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    Yes, she is excited about having finally driven him away and starting her new life.
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    No, your posts in this thread are way worse than those. Trying to draw any comparison between Trump and Obama is just dumb. We know you love to try to appeal to both sides in your own weird way but this effort is completely ridiculous, dude.
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    My doubts are not about her. I like her ideas and she is conducting a much better campaign than I expected. My doubts are about the electorate of this country. I simply don’t trust a lot of my fellow Americans to make the same choice. Yes, I am still shook by 2016 and I won’t believe we will be rid of the great orange ass in the White House until he is actually gone.
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    I would have opted out of any campaign that showed up in my iMessages as green texts.
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    Metsfan did not post this
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    The odds that even some dude named Mustafa Amir-Abdullah is going to be laundering money for terrorist activity by making $300 deposits and then getting a mortgage is probably about as good as you picking up a bunch of hot cougars in their mid-30s when you finally finalize your divorce.....I.E....almost zero. The entire set of regulations are a joke. I get wanting to track shit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but when we waste time scrutinizing deposits that a teenager might make on a lemonade stand, we've gone off the deep end.
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    Jonger will be making greater than 2K deposits in his wife’s bank account soon. It’s called alimony and child support
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    I normally agree but in this case, the sheer amount of data is overwhelming.
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    Let's wrap things up with a fanfare suitable for such a magnificant leader.
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    Allow me to make a bold prediction. Nothing will happen to Trump.
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    lol. I gave up on those pussies months ago. They are inept as we all knew they were. I had some hope for them early on. They are embarrassing. It took their attorney to come in and eviscerate Lewandowski at the end of that show....when most folks had already tuned out. Lewandowski all but said Trump committed OOJ. And yet, here we are...dems still proceeding "with caution". I wish I could be cloned into 240+ dems on the hill. I would fight, even with odds against me, and burn it all down. There would be a senate trial by now, along with other charges. Dems on the hill have the spines of jellyfish..always trying to follow parliamentary rules when Republicans are in the depths of hell, street fighting. I'm ready to go down there and be just as underhanded as they are.
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    lol no you aren’t. Stop being so dramatic
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    We were right from day one to doubt her story. None of it added up. Very clear it was a political hit where powerful special interests took advantage of a mentally fragile, mousy woman with a troubled past.
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    Jonger really is an insecure little bitch
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    Hahahahaha Fuck trix is the biggest joke on this site
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    How do you guys keep falling for this stuff? https://twitter.com/MZHemingway/status/1173432452435644416 The "victim" here doesn't even recall anything happening and this whole thing is just an excerpt from an upcoming book. Man, Dems are so dumb.
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    i don't know from alpha or beta but he's just really really insecure
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    Hell yes. The Midwest is another story.
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    6 people die from vaping (that they still don't know the exact cause of) and Trump is having the FDA remove flavored e-cigs from the market meanwhile guns...
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    Louis Uccellini is a good guy for sure, and I'm glad to see him and Craig McLean fighting back. Unlike NOAA Communications or whoever issued that crock of shit statement, they actually have integrity.
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    Nobody cares what the board eeyore thinks.
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    You should really stick it to us and not come back.
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    good news https://www.apnews.com/338c2e0c396b4e4eb4d053ea6eb48633 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A new Missouri ban on abortions at or after eight weeks of pregnancy won’t take effect Wednesday after a federal judge temporarily blocked it from being implemented. U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs put a pause on the law as a legal challenge against it plays out in court. Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri filed the lawsuit, arguing that the law is unconstitutional and goes against the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. The law includes exceptions for medical emergencies, but not for rape or incest. If courts don’t uphold the eight-week ban, the measure includes a series of less-restrictive bans ranging from 14 weeks up to 20 weeks. The policy also bans abortions based solely on race, sex or a diagnosis indicating the potential for Down syndrome. Similar laws have been struck down in North Dakota and Iowa.
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    Imagine running interference for Trump, on this board, online or IRL. Imagine defending a known racist...a Nazi sympathizer...just to "own the libs". Imagine how pathetic your life must be. Goddamn.
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    i hope david Hogg runs for office in my state . I’ll vote for him and do everything I can to get everyone that is dead and here illegally to vote for him as well.
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    I can't wait for a smart comment by him.