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    But on a non clown non stalker point, The Trump fucks here are some of the most shitty people on this planet. They swallow Trump's bile at every turn. They say nothing while he denigrates an actual military veteran. Wasn't this their thing years ago? Support the troops! Trump gets up there and skull fucks a dead veteran and they are all quiet. On their knees before Trump, nodding their heads. I didn't agree with McCain...I hated his politics...but for fuck sake, I wouldn't have disrespected his service. Trump does and all of a sudden, that makes it right? The guy is a proven racist..a sexist and an all around shitty human being. But no matter, he's owning the libs, so all is well. You guys are pathetic.
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    Ok, and? lol. WTF does that mean? Fucking gutter trash bitch reaching. I made my avatar George Conway on a political board. Oh boy OK is right. Meanwhile, your bitch ass is begging for attention from a woman who NEVER responds to you. But yeah, I made my avatar a political relevant person on a POLITICS board.
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    New Zealand AG announced they will be banning semi-automatic guns following yesterday’s attack. I’m surprised they didn’t adopt our thoughts and prayers strategy that seems to be working so well.
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    sorry you are such a dipshit that you would rather lick trumps asshole then admit he is a crook, a cheat, a racist and i imagine broke a law or two in his lifetime. whatever works for you, asshole.
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    People are over thinking this. She was simply showing empathy with people who just suffered a horrible tragedy. Was it necessary, no. Was it appropriate to the situation, yes. If she starts wearing it every day then we can have that discussion.
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    If Judge Ellis is black, then not sure what to make of the rest of us.
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    I mean, there are ways to prove if the board would die if you two weren't here.
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    Here's hoping for an april 11th release.
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    This is how I know it's a cult following with him. Anyone with a military background or who comes from a military family should be especially and deeply offended by this, but I've seen so many who are in that category who brush it off or apologize for it. It's pretty amazing. The GOP pols in the house and senate only care about reelection and are too chickenshit to say anything lest they upset their base of Trump supporters.
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    Yeah. I like ohleary and think his posts are much, much more valuable than yours.....
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    They are confused by the shift to oversight...they thought congress’ job was to overlook.
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    "this post will get through to him", she thought to herself as she hit "submit reply" yet again
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    sorry you voted for a crook
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    My hate for trump runs just as deep as most of yalls. He's a disgusting human being who never should have been allowed to set foot in the oval office. Anyone still taking potshots at a man who served his country like McCain after he has passed away(among so many other reasons) is bottom of the barrel trash and for him to be president is just wrong.
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    I don't mind yall trolling and having a good time because God knows we would have, but there's no need to start going in on people's disabilities and shit. WTF is wrong with yall?
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    he wore the hat to be an asshole. he’s not American and he wore it to a memorial for the victims of the NZ mosque shootings in order to cause people more heartache. that is who drumpf supporters are: human garbage.
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    You're not tough You remind me of a racist kitten.
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    GOP Senators are cowards. They let Trump shit all over McCain and they don't say anything. What's wrong with these people? What happened to the GOP?
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    I am a mod and you have 5 times the number of posts I do. I am retired while you are still supposedly in the productive portion of your life. If you want to see sad, just find a mirror.
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    they hate muslims don't you get it
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    Because compulsive gamblers placing early bets is so much more accurate.
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    Phin's not pro-Trump. He's anti-Trump haters. It's a game that weak people play to make themselves feel superior.
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    if shaggy and I agree then IT'S HAPPENING, motherfuckers.
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    You're a fucking douchebag, seriously. Even for you, this is pathetic
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    Who are you going to listen to now. DOJ sources or Trix’s lame Twitter emotional research?
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    Trump's next book to be titled: If I did it
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    You and the rest of the “progressives” are going to ensure that Trump gets a second term. All because someone is not “progressive” enough. GTFOH with the litmus tests.
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    This reeks of a Fox News talking point.
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    is that the special tonight at the strip club?
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    Rubbish! Socioeconomic issues predicated by skin color is the issue. Black people are treated unfairly due to their skin color. Nothing else. You can say “oh my, they are unprepared/uneducated blah blah blah” but you and others haven’t the faintest idea to play chess when the board is tilted 45 degrees against you. Not a whit. The shittiest schools. The shittiest attitudes. The shittiest stigmas. Everybody says “hey, I can overcome it, why not them?” But the basic fact that all of the fair dealing and square biz isn’t afforded to someone, purely based on skin color. Come down here and hang a month or two. I’ll show you suburban schools with 200 MM football stadiums. Then I’ll show you 6 urban schools that have to share a stadium that was built 50 years ago. I’ll show you where kids have to share books while others have their own goddamn airs. But then again you probably know this. And secretly encourage it.
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    Meanwhile I was just officially selected to attend the 2019 NOAA Diversity/Inclusion Summit in a few weeks. Only a small number of NWS employees were invited. So glad that I’m part of a government agency that respects and values diversity/inclusion, even as our current president and administration do not.
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    Trump is an idiot when it comes to the trade deficit. The level of his obsession with it is irrational. What this really tells us is that demand overseas is shrinking relative to demand at home along with a stronger dollar. That's not a surprise since we've been talking about how increasingly shitty the overseas economies have been looking while the US has been pretty solid. There's definitely a divergence happening. If anything, that should make Trump happy.
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    "We'll leave the Gaslight on for you"
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    This whole North Korea thing is sickening to a degree moreso than the usual Trump shit. He's sucking Kim off right in front of us. A ruthless dictator who murders his political opponents (including family) with anti-aircraft guns....starves his people and lies to us on the reg. And Trump is talking about their "special" relationship, stroking Kim's ego...smiling and backslapping all the while. This shit is wrong on so many levels. I understand going to have a meeting with the dude, but this slobberfest is nauseating. What happened to us as a country? The cult of personality around Trump is something that will be studied for years to come, seriously. He has gotten people to forget their religious values, betray their patriotism and embrace enemies of the state. Honest to God, these are amazing times we live in. Real republicans would have been appalled even just 10 years ago.
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    I look forward to my upcoming colonoscopy with a sandpaper-coated pole.