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  2. Her story should be heard just as fords
  3. I had a similar situation happen to me a long time ago. I've thought about it. I wouldn't say anything. If I was going to do it, I would have done it a long time ago, not wait until they got in the spotlight. That seems more like seeking revenge than seeking justice, honestly. Besides, you never know how someone might have changed or grown up over the years. Most people make stupid and/or wrong choices at some point during their younger years...some worse than others, but still. Also, there would be a potential risk to consider, as you said.
  4. you should represent kavanaugh
  5. I was asked by my husband if i would ever share my story publicly -- i said no. specifically because of the press that these women get for telling their story. i wouldn't want that kind of attention on me, him, our kid, our jobs, etc.
  6. The people named are most certainly providing plenty of bullshit which others feed off of and take to the next level. And I've never been accused of assault or rape, because I've never committed assault or rape.
  7. Yeah, but yesterday you claimed Ford had big evidence ready to come out at her hearing and it turns out you just meant a statement from her husband, so...
  8. another winger who did read anything and still feels free to discount the story from the victim.
  9. There's also a difference between being skeptical and just being outright dismissive, or even claiming it's all a conspriacy, as several here are.
  10. The people you name in the bolded are not sending this person death threats. It very much weakens your argument to make that case. it also ignores the fact that the accused and his family are also receiving death threats from the "blue team."
  11. lol. you didn’t read the article or any of the reporting about how the reporting was done. instead you just decided she’s lying. like i said, here come the sexist hot takes.
  12. So if a girl that you know confides in you that she has been assaulted/raped... are you going to not fully believe her?
  13. To people like Trixie anything that isn't fully believing the accusers story the minute it comes out is sexism and rape apology .
  14. I honestly don't know what I would do if put into that position. I'd like to think I would stand up and let people know what kind of person the person who attacked me really was. But, looking a how people react to this stuff, I'm not sure I would have the strength to be put through the character assignation that these women, and all women who stand up for "justice", are being put through. Just imagine having to worry about your family's safety, and be forced to leave your house and home because of the death threats and the bullshit that would constantly come non stop from people like Phin, Jonger, snowgoose, etc. I'm not sure I could put my kids through that.
  15. Maybe try reading something sometime.
  16. It's not sexist. It's bringing up the possibility that she is remembering things incorrectly because of what she hears now. This happens quite often in eyewitness testimony.
  17. Sounds like the Rosenstein mess is bringing stocks down.
  18. If all of this were happening in some small town around 50-100 years ago, Kavanuagh probably would've already been lynched by now, good thing those days are over.
  19. The Wall Street casino is feeling good right now.
  20. you first
  21. I know what he's saying The cop wants to know if the drivers know why they pulled him over. Nothing wrong with that.
  22. A cop doesn't have to tell you first why you were pulled over or detained or even arrested. Yes, they need to tell you at some point very soon after. It's a judgement call by the officer. ...if they feel that informing a suspect will escalate the stop, they won't do it. Of course, NOT informing the suspect often times has the opposite effect. People are, for very good reason, wary of the police. They need to be retrained not only for their own safety but to improve the public's perception of them.
  23. Would you go to the police or the media if the person who assaulted you were running for an important political position? Or would you ignore it?
  24. and if that is all true, an investigation should clear it all right up.
  25. I have a story very similar to the ones currently in the news. I was 17 and brutally beaten by an individual, who had brought a friend with him, to make sure that I was brutally beaten, and didn't have a fair chance to defend myself. I remember exactly where it happened, and can even now point to the spot where it happened. But I don't remember the exact date (happened in the summer when I was 17, 33 years ago), and can't recall the name of this person's "friend" who was his insurance policy, even though I know who he was at the time (he was in the next higher grade at our school). Ford and Ramirez are telling the truth. Kavanaugh is trash and doesn't belong on the court.
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