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  2. Wealth inequality is as inevitable as death.
  3. I guess the restaurant owner doesn't agree with her lifestyle
  4. Opioid use should drop now that Trump brought jobs back right?
  5. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/06/23/622692550/analysis-finds-geographic-overlap-in-opioid-use-and-trump-support-in-2016?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20180623
  6. this isn't a bad gif especially since it captures that look on hillarys face where everyone thought she was having an episode over the balloon drop
  7. Today
  8. Colts neck is a wealthy town , I just saw a house listed that was 7.5 mill with taxes of 89k . Pb must make some serious money .
  9. You mad bro
  10. happy to see pb is back and posting today
  11. Everybody is poor to someone along the line
  12. You don't understand the argument of ( not just me you fucking scary creep.) but one of subsidizing your countless thirst for more tax revenue. You're a dingbat that will lol nervously because you offer zero substance. The post was about tax payers paying the bills for set aside and infrastructure. ( some happily ). You will forever be a stupid fuck in my eyes.
  13. Well he did put the country at risk when that marine held the umbrella for him. Who was watching the borders?
  14. All legitimate critisims. Who the hell was Obama to risk the nation’s security and well being by putting his feet up on his desk? The nerve of that man!
  15. I'd bet money that the chart on the right has radically changed in the last 3 years.
  16. Did you sleep from 2009-2017? Obama was ripped apart for putting his feet on a desk. You are as dumb as a rock. No, dumber.
  17. Piggish tax code.
  18. It really is incredible. I truly believe a metfan type would kill for him. And he's armed.
  19. My solution is that we eat the poor. They drain resources.
  20. They will still be red-faced, spittle flying out of their mouths yelling "Hillary!1!!!!1!" after she's dead. Sick bastards.
  21. What form of delusional/piggishness is this, the idea of paying $100,000 in taxes on real estate per year?
  22. I’ve had a lot of discussions regarding this subject. I believe that 10% of the world population is handicapped in some way, and as civilized folks we need to provide a safety net for them. That said, a meaningful education is needed for all citizens that will provide a level playing field. As for income inequality, I believe that opportunity should be equal for all. It isn’t, not by a long shot. Are Harvard graduates smarter than Ohio State graduates? Not necessarily. Harvard provides superior networking opportunities for career growth. It’s all about money and access. Also, the CEOs of mega corporations have created a ruling class that serves their board of directors and shareholders. Their position is not always based on skills, it’s who they know and the deals they can make. Sound familiar? Trying to “fix” this as you suggest will be all but impossible As for living wage policies, it’s enormously complex. You have to figure the location, the employee’s skill set, what the market will bare. No easy answers. BTW, a million bucks in DC gets one a 1 room 800 sq ft loft on 14th Street.
  23. You're too shallow to see that a post analyzing a 'lol' is even more worthless than the lol. What a waste of electrons.
  24. i was laughing at his raging insecurity complex. now I'm laughing at your lapdog defense of him.
  25. so triggered. It’s one thing if you couldn’t tell when I wasn’t being serious, but bragging about how much taxes you pay is the lolz.
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