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  2. Not bad on GPRO, the RSI is in oversold, but I have a hard time pulling triggers on falling knives. Especially with a past recent bottom of $4.13 . It could retest those numbers. I’m going to play this one safe and see where sentiment is after ER before I consider it. GL to you!
  3. BTW, Nancy totally knows this game and wants to avoid it, but the hysterical newbies in the caucus and the 2020 morons are wading neck deep in it and can’t extricate themselves.
  4. They were excited when she spent alot of money. Hypocrites
  5. Pence says next time he maybe might say something. Lol why?
  6. Moderates are watching all of this and they will need to decide which is worse: socialism or Trump being a butthead. Trump is banking on them choosing socialism as the biggest risk and voting for him or at least not for the Dem (AKA “fed up with politics” and “Meteor 2020” shit). It’s pretty clear what he is doing, but LOL at the analysis from cardboard cutout. At least with Trix gone he has come out of his shell and is trying without fear of reprisals.
  7. But trixie something something
  8. When Stephen Miller gets owned on fox trying to defend the president I dont think that's going the way they hoped. Also being wishy washy makes no sense. Defend your base or dont. But he keeps throwing them under the bus. They're too dumb to notice of course
  9. You guys shouldn’t whine about Omar being called an anti-Semite without real proof since you pretty much do this same thing to other people all the time... Look at your own behavior first.
  10. Ok so she’s not anti-Semitic, she just hates two major pillars of the modern Jewish community. Got it. Is it possible to vilify a Muslim country, despise CAIR (and call them out in speeches and tweets) and not be anti-Muslim?
  11. I distinctly recall libs here posting that big fundraising totals for their side means something. But I guess those days have passed. Hillary spending over a billion dollars to lose will do that, I guess.
  12. Means absolutely nothing.
  13. Short term ride the bubble up. Guessing when it bursts is the big question. Ive got some long term investments in a Roth and then another account I use to “play” the market. I still think we have some more room on the upside. When I think we have hit the top. Im going to liquidate the “play” account and put most of it into more ETH/BTC. Hope I’m not wrong lol. At least my safer investments are a buffer.
  14. Yeah, that's a little over the top for a legitimate and factual analysis of the situation.
  15. They always fall for it. If nothing else, he's good at manipulation.
  16. Triggered
  17. 434790965323569095-D chess!!!! LMSM fell for it again!!! Trump so good!!!! #MAGA #KAG #WWG1WGA #Q #Durrrrr
  18. He wants them included in the Presidential race. The more he chides them the more the media flips out and defends them. That keeps their leftist views front and center, that ties the party to them and motivates the base. He's tripled down now and the MSM fell for it.
  19. Today
  20. tell them what they want to hear and tell it to them often
  21. Lol the base doesn't need energizing
  22. it’s keeping the base energized enough to keep going this week
  23. When you've lost Geraldo ...well you havent lost much
  24. Somehow I don't think Republicans are too happy this is dominating the Sunday morning shows a week after the first tweets. Every trumper who's trying to defend him is getting their asses handed to them
  25. He is right until he became president. God bless
  26. Its true
  27. LOL
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