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  2. Remember when water said a bunch of times that only white people get away with crimes?
  3. I have you ranked as the number three most incorrect person on this topic. You sure made some doozies.
  4. Look at attention whore! Rando post about how super he is! lol I read his post as "no one has replied to me in a while. I need attention." Phin:
  5. Yeah, a real knee-slapper for sure. Just like my granpappy used to tell.
  6. I don't think I have made 5 posts there in 2 years. I'm denigrated virtually day in and day out. It's just how it goes here. You have half the forum on ignore. You clearly aren't here for conversation. This is a debate forum, we debate.... you don't. So who's shitting this place up more?
  7. I’m not purely bump trolling, I’m mixing it in with other stuff. Honestly there isn’t much high quality bump stuff, if there is it is mostly coming from Trix and a few other posters.
  8. I’m not even a Trump supporter. I’m roasting anything and everything. I’m just upset at extreme liberals and the media for fueling this shit show. I’m still hopeful for 2020, but I dunno now.
  9. Why does the page count even matter? If I had to guess, they don't want to release that information as it will lead to bad analysis when what is released is x number of pages less than whatever number they quote now. The report also probably includes many appendices and addendums. Do you count those or not? You guys need to get on with your lives and stop listening to morons like southpaw and emptywheel searching for clicks. Those two were wrong on everything.
  10. Phin doesn’t understand. No one is saying stop. It’s just captain Democrat needs to up his game if he’s gonna do this. Right now it’s under metfan level type trolling. like a potluck dinner. Some bring pot stickers, some bring a killer chicken cordon bleu. This fucker is bringing pop tarts
  11. Look at this fuck shit. If strawmen were worth money, you’d be the Bill Gates of this board.
  12. Oh no no. Don’t stop. Seriously. I’d bump troll the hell out of this board for days if I were a Trump supporter. I don’t mind gloating, beating of the chest. It’s a win for team evil. I don’t blame them, I’d do it. By all means, rack ‘me up.
  13. Of course they want you to stop. It makes them look stupid.
  14. If you want me to stop I will. I was just having fun with it. I was going to go through all the pages. If you want me to stop I will, the. I will proceed with the bet I made with one user here.
  15. Unlike you libs we don’t get all shaky and scared over disagreements.
  16. Well color me shocked. That means nothing to the working class who cant afford to invest in the stock market.
  17. you haven't offered anything substantive to any conversation here. it's seems you're only here to troll me. just another motherfucking pissant too dumb to add to the discussion.
  18. Nobody is scared, you piece of shit. Briggs and his fellow stormfronters are proven racists. They denigrated me and my children and I will forever despise them and anybody who champions them. You should know, you registered at his board knowing his was a racist. So fuck you, pig.
  19. You should just bump her dumb posts. A few of those and she will put you on ignore.
  20. Fellow Democrat, when do you think you’ll be done, my liberal ally?
  21. I’m sitting here laughing at your lunacy.
  22. dude, you are the one having the meltdown right now. I'd be more worried about you if he were to win again.
  23. but why is he angry? drumpf was totally exonerated. he should be gleeful and on top of the world.
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