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  2. Lol at thinking I would sissor with you on a friday night
  3. user is back on mefan's account.
  4. "Trump is for the LGBTQ, they have nothing to worry about"
  5. Who was the poster who rushed in here to tell everyone that the Chicago PD took a police report from Jussie Smollett? As if that made his claim any more official. There was bump trolling too!
  6. I once likened your Trump adulation to that of a sports fan, supporting their team no matter what. I now see that I was wrong. You support Trump like a boy band. Trump is your Backstreet Boys. You don't care what he says or does, your panties get wet whenever he appears on your TV.
  7. Lol ok dude
  8. Third time this week he's been slapped back. Three time loser
  9. Who gives a shit
  10. You can't be serious. All the " alleged "investigations againdt trump.
  11. Speaking of increasing inequality... CEOs get $800,000 pay raise, leaving workers further behind NEW YORK (AP) — Did you get a 7% raise last year? Congratulations, yours was in line with what CEOs at the biggest companies got. But for chief executives, that 7% was roughly $800,000. Pay for CEOs at S&P 500 companies rose to a median of $12 million last year, including salary, stock and other compensation, according to data analyzed by Equilar for The Associated Press. The eight-figure packages continue to rise as companies tie more of their CEOs’ pay to their stock prices, which are still near record levels, and as profits hit an all-time high last year due to lower tax bills and a still-growing economy. Pay for typical workers at these companies isn’t rising nearly as quickly. The median increase was 3% last year, less than half the growth for the top bosses. Median means half were larger, and half were smaller. The survey showed that it would take 158 years for the typical worker at most big companies to make what their CEO did in 2018, seven years longer than if both were still at 2017 pay levels. And when top executives are already making so much more than their employees, the bigger percentage raises compound the widening financial gap. https://apnews.com/1a68c31f2cb54b15af536cbe168442bf
  12. When is Trump going to release his tax returns?
  13. Serious LOL at the idea that his ridiculous antics are helping him. With this economy any normal president would have an approval in the 50’s right now. But Trump is anything but normal and like you said he is incapable of changing.
  14. And Hillary while we’re at it. When is she announcing her 2020 presidential run?
  15. Trix votes for this guy: LOL
  16. We want some collateral that is actually worth something.
  17. The senior clowns under the Dem circus big top are saying NO to impeachment. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/445402-senate-dems-to-house-tamp-down-the-impeachment-talk
  18. Amazingly, Alabama is now working to ensure same-sex couples can get married: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/445388-alabama-votes-to-end-marriage-licenses Sort of a mixed bag down there.
  19. Every time a conservative preacher/politician is super-homophobic it turns out they are actually really gay.
  20. It's telling that's the only example you can come up with. A one-off post right after the event happened. Ohleary and several others here have been wrong dozens of times on Trump and they repeated their incorrect predictions over and over and attacked anyone who criticized them. There is no comparison.
  21. Hey footfucker, let's check what granny has to say about your predictions.
  22. my state rep and senator would likely support this
  23. He wouldn't win but he's done some good things in NYC including universal pre K, health care nyc and the fur ban. I didn't even know fur was a thing anymore but glad to see it's getting banned here.
  24. Srain says hi
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