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  1. Wouldnt the gens take years to replace?
  2. But everyone else said the same thing. Just look at the french thread. Saying what you think is not an endorsement.
  3. Egos clash when you start to diverge on issues. There is no clashing when you are on the same page.
  4. Saying she had a better chance to win vs b4 the attack is an endorsement?
  5. Well to start the Bannon wing is all but dead
  6. Hes learning the ropes. I said in January I don't expect much till 2018. And he is moving to the center in the meantime, just like I said.
  7. Im willing to compare my posts over the last 18 months to anyone here. No one called any of the the major events better than I did
  8. Lol it must really suck being so wrong all the time
  9. But you said the world was going to end. I said he won't get started till 2018. Wromg again
  10. Lol, I remember you talking about how O beat Rommy 4 years later. In fact so many were last summer. Same old story every 4 years. I gatta find a few of these.
  11. Yea and we have people who send porn link to minors
  12. Pazzo was telling us for months his base was crumbling and the world was ending and then we find out yesterday that he would still beat Hillary and everyone who voted for him would do it again. Lol What a fail. Dems just suck. Obama with his 70% approval could not even get out his own base to vote for her. Keep looking at stats that don't matter.
  13. They really did overplay their hand.
  14. Lol they talk about approval rating, but they voted for someone who would likely have worse at this point. All the trump and bernie people would have hated her. She would be around 30% atm. Sore losers lol