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  1. I think your calculations may be a bit off.
  2. With that said, I will never attempt to find common ground with some of the scum that Trump has cultivated. Some of his most fervent supporters are truly terrible people whose views on life, liberty etc are diametrically opposed to the ideals that this country was founded on.
  3. Obama has not, and has never been, a progressive. He is a center-left democrat. The only people calling him a progressive were using it as a pejorative. To be honest, I'd much rather have center-left/center-right candidates running for president. The polarization in this country is not good and people have forgotten how to compromise.
  4. So I'll put you in the no evidence category.
  5. Can you objectively show that Trump is gaining supporters as a result of the rhetoric from the left? Every poll that I have seen is showing a steady downward trend in approval ratings. If you want to argue that the rhetoric of the far left pushed moderates to Trump during the election well then that is a completely different argument. Edit: The only thing that some of the over the top rhetoric from the left is doing is galvanizing the hardcore trumpers who will never stop supporting him anyway.
  6. Why don't you just name names instead of generalizing every fucking liberal on here? It's very clear that you are referring to trixie. Why don't you grow a set of balls and say "Trixie doesn't understand.." There are plenty of rationale folks here that are members of the left.
  7. What does that solve? Does that bring them back to life? Does that end the violence that plagues our poorest communities? Does that end the non-stop cycle of drug violence? Allow me to answer: No, it doesn't solve a thing. It makes fucking morons, yourself included, think that he is tough on crime and solving problems. When he starts solving the root-causes of gun violence then I will agree with you that he supports officers. Some of the things that would make me think he is interested in solving the issues that affect officers would be, but not limited to, allocating additional training for police officers, reworking the drug laws in this country, and ensuring that those in the poorest communities have the same opportunities as those in the lily white suburbs have afforded to them.
  8. +1 for the well-timed ear flop. 12/10
  9. Just for this steaming pile of shit he should be disqualified from the Senate.
  10. FYP.
  11. Can Fox be #fakenews too?
  12. I plan on donating half of my return to Planned Parenthood. I hope 40% of that donation is used for abortions for women using it as BC.
  13. He's not a donald supporter. His post was satirizing the mouth breathers that inhabit this forum.