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  1. Just your average "hearing in court" where the sitting US President, and his surrogates, are revealed to be under investigation for colluding with an enemy of the state. Yaknow, just normal stuff.
  2. The BEST people.
  3. Give it a rest nerd. Talking like that might get your ass kicked in certain circles, apparently.
  4. "This is a watered-down version of the first one. I think we ought to go back to the first one [EO]" So good.
  5. You have no idea how our government works. That's wonderful.
  6. He has a meme portfolio.
  7. It's based on 32 years of being treated like a criminal when the worst "crime" I have ever committed, is smoking a blunt in the comfort of my home. Shit I've never even gotten a speeding ticket. It's also based on cops beating a Navy vet to death in my hometown, lie about it and not so much as get a suspension. Let's say I've had 100 interactions with the police, about 3 to 5 of them have been pleasant. The only reason they were pleasant mind you, is because I went to highschool with those guys. Immature? Maybe. Personally, I don't value your opinion on much. Perhaps if I get into snowmobiling someday then that would be an area that I'd value your opinion.