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  1. I'm tempted to pull the trigger on the 3. I'm not really a vape guy but my buddy had the 2 and it was damn convenient.
  2. Have you tried Pax 3 yet?
  3. Thanks for the tip. 18 years as of today. I will walk that back a bit and define "all that rare" as maybe a few times a year.
  4. I'll make sure that I pass that along to my dudes.
  5. That's pretty silly. If you're seeing a bunch of seeds like that picture Akeem posted then yeah I've no interest. However, it isn't all that rare that I find a seed or two in my half. And I certainly don't smoke mids, beasters or any of the like. Only loud.
  6. Eh I'll still shotgun one if the occasion calls for it.
  7. I have no intention of working until I drop. I stay within my means and am planning on SS not existing by the time I retire.
  8. I hope this isn't true.
  9. Big league indeed.
  10. I won't criticize Melania for her choice in husband, that's her business. I do hope she does follow through on moving to the WH this summer to lower the cost of security but outside of that I'm not going to attack her.
  11. lol
  12. I've never made arroz con pollo before. I think I'll make that this weekend. Also, fuck anybody that doesn't "like" garlic. It is essential.