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  1. Earning a decent living is almost an instinct that some have and some don't. Specific to our current society, if a person can do home repairs, home remodeling or plumbing they should be able to earn a decent living. Those are areas of the economy that are not affected by structural changes in manufacturing. Of course, if folks are living in an economically depressed area, it is up to them to travel and earn a living where the money can be made. It requires initiative. Many years ago, help wanted adds in newspapers used the phrase "self starters are given consideration".
  2. I also agree with your commentary, although I don't pity the people that are left behind. These people are on the rocks because they were unaware or because they ignored structural changes in a society where knowledge doubles every two years. I attached a little bit of info below, a mere taste of the structural changes. The changes are not a deliberate evil move against certain groups of people, there is an inevitability involved with structural changes that are generated by increasing knowledge.
  3. If the law enforcement administrators and unions are still supporting Trump, our society has a new large problem. Police should want a President that tells the truth all or most of the time.
  4. This is very carefully worded. It isn't exactly the same as the FBI saying they've got Trump's droopy balls in a noose. I certainly do hope there is karma and Trump gets what he deserves.
  5. What is going through the minds of the 37%? There is simply no possible way that a person can consider Trump and his Presidency and come up with anything inspirational. When Obama was President, could we tell school age kids that President Obama was an honorable person? Of course we could. Can we tell school age kids that Trump is honorable? Snort>>>>mic drop.
  6. What is up with talk during recent CNN reports that Trump was perhaps surveilled after all? Because he knows how to control imagery, Trump can fight to hang on for a long time. He is a master at deflecting, blaming others to take the spot light off of the simple fact that he is terrible. The best analogy I can come up with is that life with Trump is very much the same as swimming in a stream or river and then coming out of the water covered with leaches. Long story short, we as a nation have a very long way to go before things become appropriate, proper, normal, healthy.
  7. Trump is so good, I hear.
  8. This Admin. = "The Gang that can't tweet straight".
  9. Earning $20,000 a year gives a person quality of life only marginally better than working under the table doing odd jobs and that is the amount that low wage jobs can generate. It can be argued that $15 an hour is the least amount of pay for a person to have any manner of independent quality of life. To use as few words as needed, $15 an hour = minimally acceptable quality of life.
  10. The election was a catastrophe. The voters that stayed home and didn't vote for HRC failed to imagine the net result. They failed to realize that not voting = fooking over the USA. So many voters pouted and said, "Usually it comes down to the lesser of two evils. This year, I don't care for either choice and so I'm justified in not voting." What we've learned from this catastrophe is that deciding not to vote is substantially equivalent to voting for a dumpster fire into the White House.
  11. It seems everything Trump does is for a very small audience, his true avid supporters. He keeps the core happy and shrugs off everyone else. In actuality, I get a sense that he can keep it going for the entire four years.
  12. Didn't it seem that the GOP leadership had a half-hearted relationship with Trump (at best) throughout the campaign and likely persisting? The House of Bush most likely hates Trump, Cruz likely hates Trump, Rubio hates Trump and Paul Ryan seems to be gritting his teeth constantly. All of these folks are conniving but is there any hint of the GOP mainstream willing to be the fellator of Putin's toy poodle?
  13. I think no matter how nutz the candidate may be, they always explore plausible deniability. I'm sure Trump slathered himself with plausible deniability. The Russians have probably gotten their boner off of effing with us and have now lost interest with Trump and we, the American people, will ride out this dumpster fire for a long time.