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  1. Somebody tell me the exact date for the next correction.
  2. Betsy DeVos is the least skilled person imaginable. She knows nothing about the Federal Title Acts. She was here-to-fore never curious enough to read about those. But she sure wants to impose her bullcrap on others. She wants to be the head of Education but has no natural curiosity about the skills involved. She is for school choice. This is epic fail. School choice does away with teacher tenure. In the current system, public school teachers have an administrative observation yearly and every other year, the observation is evaluative. The evaluative observation is to ensure that the teach can actually teach. Bad evaluative observations can over-ride tenure. School choice does away with standardized curriculum. Enough said. School choice does not uphold the constitutional rights of those with special needs to receive an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. School choice does away with government subsidized school breakfasts and lunches. School choice does away with education for homeless students. School choice does away with standard testing of students.
  3. The NAZIs can have their own ethnic purity prison planet. The uneducated warlike Trumpians can have the biggest and gassiest planet of course. The normal people will be happy with the remainder. Alex: I will take planet #2, "The multicultural forest, ocean and occasional snow planet". Time to colonize! Assuming there are no illegal aliens on these seven new planets! Can our government design a nearly light speed spaceship so our kids can get to the new colonies in only 40+ years?
  4. She is walking a very fine and nuanced line. From what I can read: The one-state solution is an existentialist challenge for Israel, assuming that Palestinians have a higher birth rate. But...everything is negotiable. Maybe. She deserves an opportunity to deepen her leadership skills if she is sincere about bringing people together. She was, at one time, with Bernie. That would have been a delicate but possibly constructive alliance.
  5. Two things, 1. jburns is fair 2. people that are attracted to the fascist-nationalist view of society are very careful to dance around the flame when describing their interests. 3. being opposed to multiculturalism seems really mis-guided.
  6. There is a certain wisdom in that view. Still, in high school, if an adolescent starts spouting off views that are alt-right, anti-multiculturalism during class, how should the teacher respond? Send the kid to the over-worked guidance counselor? Call the parents that probably don't care? Ignore the kid's views, hoping they improve with time?
  7. That's all you got?
  8. Nice deflection. Debate the subject matter, if capable.
  9. A lot of this quasi-hate talk has blossomed in the Age of Trump. No doubt about it.
  10. Right wing populism is little more than two dogs sniffing their ani.
  11. Why is it that a certain number of people in NC are so mean, nasty and bitter?
  12. How did you manage to spell all four words correctly?