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  1. As was foretold in Holy Scripture, that famous book Weasels 2.
  2. CNBC tells it like it is, Trump's time in the White House is for shit.
  3. The US has a steep mountain to climb. We've gone from a nation that stood for good ideals to a nation that is tolerating a corrupt hot mess.
  4. I can imagine a life in Norway. USA is past its prime, the stooopids have taken over.
  5. I'm married to a fully functional 57 year old clitoris.
  6. Yeah, they make really durable adjustable wrenches, got it.
  7. clitoris
  8. Did DBM finally croak? It doesn't load and another hint is a possible sale for $10. People overpay.
  9. The sun, moon stars, everything you could possibly ever need is here:
  10. I don't see his penisdick in the photos, was it cut off?
  12. Un-freeking-believable!
  13. I don't have to accept any motherfucking bullshit. If you want to accept motherfucking bullshit, have at it. In America, the President provides executive leadership for The People. If he had any intention of doing that, he would have sold off his businesses, revealed his tax returns and would have started speaking truthfully. Why are the visitor logs for the White House kept in secret? My taxes and other people's taxes are paying for logical, open leadership.