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  1. Ding ding ding. You and I were worried about MI a long time before Comey was a thing -- for good reasons. The massive polling failure in the primary (22%!) was/should have been a flashing red light. I tried explicitly warning those who were cheering for Trump to win the primaries why that was a bad idea. You never bet the mortgage -- and the risk was much higher than anyone was willing to admit. Rust Belt weakness was just part of it.
  2. Buzzfeed is still a cancer on the internet and has been for a long time. They've only gotten slightly better than the clickbait "content aggregator" (read: content thief and plagiarizer) they used to be. Not sure why folks take them seriously.
  3. 20 ft is multi-century stuff. Up to 6 feet this century isn't out of the question at all in my book though. Most of the bleeding edge stuff points to vulnerable ice shelves and a much higher propensity towards hydrofracturing than previously recognized (a combination of foehn and katabatic wind regimes superimposed on steady warming and basal melt and calving due to increasing circumpolar deep water transport). If you want a developing example, take a look at the Larsen C. Previous shelf collapses didn't have that much buttressed ice to release once they disappeared. The same cannot be said as we move to the bigger shelves. I'm keenly interested on Larsen C as a barometer of how fast the other shelves are likely to react. If we see that shelf go in the next 10-15 years or so, it should send warning bells.
  4. Yep, with those folks lobbying for him, his chances of confirmation are way up, imo. That's potentially a game changer.
  5. Speaking of W: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/george-w-bush-rex-tillerson-232750 Eye yei yei