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  2. Can you help a brother out with his Bermuda lawn? The weeds started growing six weeks ago because we haven't had a freeze since January 8th.
  3. Microlife ultimate 8-4-6 organic fertilizer. Get some.
  4. world class city, yes. world class facilities, yes. world class politicians, well, let's see I could go into another thread on that. One mayor was afraid to go to Africa because he thought he might be boiled in oil, another was into crack and booze, several had "Joe Biden 'foot in mouth disease'", and one in the pre-megacity-merger era cheated on his wife with the Archbishop's niece (also was a defence minister at one point afterwards).
  5. saw the clip via C&L. and I will say this much. who would want the Speaker's job if Paul Ryan were booted or ended up quitting? I don't see a unified GOP that can come up with someone.
  6. Yeah im pretty sure its mostly a geographical issue. Toronto is a world class city. Newfoundland is cool but it is probably a tough draw for profitable medical/dental practice.
  7. We have a site in Indiana but Lafayette is where I hotel. Interesting tidbit: it snows every time I go up there. Every time. I love it.
  8. maybe it's because not only they are the capital city of the province, but also the home of a lot of oil platforms just off the coast. then again, maybe I was just used to toronto.
  9. I only posted that as a personal experience that ive had here not an indictment of the health care here in general. Theres not. Im not sure why you dont believe me lol.
  10. never had that issue in toronto. but even then, there should be more than 2 of them in St Johns and the Avalon peninsula, maybe worse comes to worse, in Gander.
  11. Only endodontists do root canal work here, not regular dentists.
  12. Really? Did you used to live in Indiana or something? Actually just noticed it goes all the way south to Florida. Didn't know that!
  13. Those people scare me. They probably feel even more emboldened now.
  15. Can you include race into that figure.
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  17. Koch bros won't need airlines as they roast in hell.
  18. Life expectancy rankings for both sexes: Canada = 10 USA = 36. Boom.
  19. I have a friend who lives in Newfoundland, near Harbour Grace. And she never told me of any complaints of the health care up there. As for my experience in Ontario, at least the metro Toronto area, I never heard of any big complaints. I had a former boss who got timely cancer care without time issues. And others that I know got the care needed when they did need it. As for any specialist delays, we have those down here as well in the US, trust me, especially in more rural areas. Heck, when SARS was an issue in 2004, the first case in the GTA was in the section of Scarborough I was living in, isolated at a hospital 3 traffic lights north of where my apartment was (Scarborough-Grace). the real good thing about the government-run system was that, once they knew what was potentially around with SARS, all the hospitals knew what to look for in hours. and once the symptoms were seen in any walk-in patient, they immediately knew to put the person in isolation, and weren't worried about insurance and such. something that was not definitely in place in Dallas during the Ebola scare a few years ago, where they let a patient go who had the virus, but they initially didn't treat him properly partially because of his lack of insurance and partially because that particular hospital wasn't told what to look for.
  20. There is. It will always give some sort of contrarian view and point of contention,. It will work its way into discussion of the the public option. Fuck it.
  21. Now you're talking. I've always wanted a super car on the autobahn. I did the maglev in France. That was pretty cool as we blew by cars.
  22. what???? Root Canals are a dental procedure, not a medical one. there should be more than 2 decent dentists in Saint John's alone that could do it, much less the whole island or the whole province.
  23. Ha! I've been on that road many a time and I can say I don't blame you for spicing things up.
  24. I didn't know there was that much demand at ICT to warrant an ICT to SEA flight. koch brothers looking to expand their influence into Washington state?
  25. He needs some time with his Hillary e-mail collection before thinking about what stupid insults to throw out.
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