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  2. I've lived in a large city my entire life and I would either wanna move to a suburb or a rural area when I get older.
  3. every cop I work with says they want to work for small rural PDs.. more pay, less hassle, more white faces.....
  4. Just came back from a bar with friends Goodnight
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  6. I'm talking broadly/globally. Two of the largest central banks are still running nirp and Yellen can barely stand the thought of raising again, even though the market demands it. Watch the March presser when they raise All three banks are still fighting deflationary fears.....
  7. Unless you are looking for a woman, why would a man want to live in a big city? I don't remember anyone from high school discussing a desire to move to a large city as a goal after graduating, besides women.
  8. Mayor Pete fucking owns. Of course Dems will do the stupid thing and pick someone with a fuck ton of baggage like Ellison or Perez.
  9. When the millenials realize how fucked they are and the only slolution is there isn't one - Outside of a complete reset of the system.
  10. Mayor Pete. Fin.
  11. Let me guess. You are in a fee base account and you think he or she acts as a fiduciary.
  12. Tom Cotton doesn't care about real life concerns.
  13. Come now, shouldn't be hard. He loves Milo, oh scratch that since the pedophile part came out... he liked Spencer, oh scratch that as he hates Jews, loves Hitler, promotes ethnic cleansing... shall I continue for you?
  14. I rather live upstate than live in the City Too much traffic and less people
  15. except for the posts I made before he showed up. good catch.
  16. I've been saying this for years. try and keep up.
  17. Phineas could teach this kid like Miyagi taught Daniel son.
  18. You're either too old or have kids. I'll tell you, maneuvering London and Tokyo was more stressful, IMO. Thumbs up on New York.
  19. The stock market is imaginary ever since Trump won the election. I get it.
  20. I would be working in Manhattan. I want no part of that mess. Commute from CT or Westchester County would suck as well.
  21. It's one of the greatest places in the world if you're single. And, if you can afford ample space, there are pockets that are great for families too. Most antisocial, less curious types don't like it though.
  22. This fuckin twoob
  23. You gotta be fuckin kidding me. Florida is a dump. NYC is choice.
  24. Low hanging fruit tho
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