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  2. One item that didn't get much mention today was the potential showing of the USS Michigan. Sure enough it just popped up in Busan.
  3. i live on the 24th floor so that would be rough. i guess i would have to evacuate NYC at that point bc without power it would turn into another sandy-esque situation which resulted in Lower Manhattan nearly going to Mad Max levels within the span of a week. that was cray, luckily i lived Uptown at the time and it was fine there. the supply chain's weakness around these parts is apparently gasoline, the shortages were insane and there were lines and lines and lines for buses/etc after the hurricane.
  4. From what I understand the transformers we're talking about can only be shipped via specialized rail transport. It's not like you can load one on a truck and move it about. There was a huge CME Thursday or Friday. We just caught a glancing blow, though, after it was supposed to be a complete miss.
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  6. It was a switch that blew in a substation that caused the SF outage. Maybe backers overloaded the substation causing the switch the blow? who knows...
  7. Oops, I spoke too soon. Not about the amateur part. Another mixed message. But one White House official signaled on Monday that the President won't insist on funding for the wall in a spending bill to keep the government running past Friday. The official said that even some funding for "border security" could satisfy the President at this point, with the expectation that wall funding would come in future spending bill negotiations.
  8. There was a Carrington near miss a few years ago.
  9. Wow some good news for a change Republican North Carolina judge resigns — and slams the GOP on the way out However, before the legislature could vote to override Governor Cooper’s veto of House Bill 239, Judge McCullough resigned 36 days prior to his forced retirement. This allowed the appointment of Judge Arrowood at 9:45 a.m. this morning. “I did not want my legacy to be the elimination of a seat and the impairment of a court that I have served on,” Judge McCullough explained. Newly sworn-in Judge John Arrowood is the first openly gay member of the North Carolina Court of Appeals.
  10. If that's the frequency, then statistically we're probably due in our lifetime, since 1859 was 158 years ago.
  11. It's the transformers that we would have to worry about. They can take a long time to replace. So yeah, if it was bad enough to blow out hundreds or even thousands of transformers, then some areas would prob be screwed for years. It would take a pretty rare storm for it to happen though. Prob like a one in 100 to 200 year event, but that's still pretty high risk for such a damaging event.
  12. you're getting nikolay excited.
  13. Wouldnt the gens take years to replace?
  14. Can we make it so it only knocks out Trump's twitter account forever?
  15. Neither. I just recognize the obvious. Not exactly a talent.
  16. lol, how was any of that idealistic or naïve? You should probably look up those terms.
  17. That one would probably knock out power for a month or more if it happened today.
  18. They also dropped after the 2nd letter, enough to sway the election in favor of trump. Now I know you do not believe this, but HRC had enough of a lead prior to the letter, but without that letter dropping she would have won. The percentage of victory for trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin was less than 1.5 % At best, I hope Comey will publicly testify as to why he felt compelled to write a statement about the emails found on Wiener's laptop and then release it. I believe the letter from Comey was the a deciding factor in the election.
  19. I understand. Easier to say what you would do when you haven't had to go through it. Ok
  20. I don't know about you but I'm always pulling for another 1859.
  21. I didn't put him in there.
  22. Its hilarious how you guys keep passing the buck with him... you know he's off-the-charts ridiculous but instead turn it around and blame others for Trump's asinine comments. Bravo, some of you do an amazing job at deflecting and doing everything possible to avoid admitting he's a clown. This stuff would make for a fantastic psychology paper.
  23. So the wall that we don't need and that Mexico is not going to pay for is going to be the key negotiating point on whether or not to fund the government? The White House is no place for amateurs.
  24. And some people argue he's not a full blown narcissist. This guy is amazingly embarrassing for all of us that this is the best we could put in the White House.
  25. You gotta admit this was pretty funny. Trump is certainly a disgrace to the office when it comes to the use of words and the English language, but that is what appeals to a lot of people. Trump figured out how to resonate with that group of voters, with things like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the likes in official White House social media feeds. He's a genius at appealing to the uneducated.
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