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  2. Never. GOP doesn't have the guts. Trump called McCain a loser and sure as the sun rises decided to endorse him anyway. Chavetz said he couldn't support Trump because he has a daughter, but he did anyway. Trump could walk up to someone on Fifth Avenue, punch them in the face, and they would still vote (continue support) for him. The GOP's actions to date show that this is true.
  3. look at the trash this moron is reading
  4. 17:1 is probably where a reasonable line should be set IMHO. Are there any sites out there that are taking prop bets on this and what are their current odds?
  5. I even hate myself for that post.
  6. I don't wanna know. That tragedy broke my ability to care about every mass shooting that has occurred since. 74℅ wanted stronger gun restrictions after that slaughter. But oh no, the NRA holds this country by the throat. Rant finished.
  7. Lions, tigers, the hive! Oh My!
  8. Tell me, what would someone who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars stand to gain by making somewhere between a few hundred thousand to maybe a million dollars? The risk/reward is simply not there. And that doesn't even address the absurdity of the claim.
  9. you ever heard the band Sex Stain?
  10. Why do you call people so many names?
  11. Quit being a pussy. Let the thread stay. Lots of LOL's incoming.
  12. Yes - this is about as substantive of a post as you could possibly produce. Congratulations. Stick with it.
  13. Moon landing fake. Aliens and Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK. 9/11 gov't conspiracy. Missing anything?
  14. stupid people like you.
  15. Has Bigfoot really been investigated? What about the face on the moon? Bigfoot is probs a kid toucher too
  16. Huh??
  17. I would say delete this thread but we need the clear evidence that Trumpers will stop at nothing to find the depths of stupidity.
  18. within the first year. GOP gets so much shit from their constituents bc of his policies, they impeach him themselves.
  19. La Boum Boum room
  20. It's been proven false by not only multiple news outlets but also by the moron who decided to shoot up the place because the thought it was real. Goddamn you cannot be this stupid.
  21. i only just recently heard about the Sandy Hook conspiracy. what horrible people.
  22. Wtf. That's my only reply as this thread needs to vanish to the depths where it belongs.
  23. lolz this is how we got Duh Fuhrer, folks.
  24. That settles it, Pazzo's been there. Story over Lol.
  25. Wait - he thinks this story is real? Um, I've been to that actual pizza joint several times on Connecticut Ave. My wife's sister used to live across the street from it. The story is bullshit.
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